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There’s never been a better time to be a true-crime buff

From nabbing the world’s most wanted money launderer to the whistleblower who was silenced by the Russian government, here are true-crime docus to watch on Docubay.

There’s never been a better time to be a true-crime buff

List hai toh hit hai

  • Nikhil Kumar

Last Updated: 12.14 PM, Nov 18, 2022


True crime documentaries offer unparalleled thrill. Setting up the scene of the crime and meticulously carving the victim by fleshing out every aspect of their life and those close to them, they have a typical approach. And just when you’re moderately familiar with the victim — enough to understand and empathize with their situation, the crime in concern is committed, sometimes in cold blood. What follows includes a series of interviews and testimonials that attempt to corroborate the events that led to the heinous crime and perhaps, try to understand the perpetrator’s possible motive. Here are some true-crime docus on Docubay that keep you gripped, petrified and concerned in equal proportion: Lets get going.

The Queen And Zak Grieve

This documentary covers the heart-breaking story of a 19-year-old indigenous man from Northern Australia who was sentenced to life in prison for murder even while the judge felt that he hadn’t actually committed the act himself. The film is led by journalist Dan Box from The Australian who pieces together interviews of those concerned, including a few key witnesses to uncover facts that had led to this blatant failure of the legal system. The facts at hand also suggest that the accused wasn’t present at the scene of the crime and this film also includes some exclusive footage of the crime scene to let us closely process the turn of events. This film makes one question the limitations of the law and also sensitizes one to the fate of those who’ve been wrongly accused and convicted for crimes they did not actually commit.

Justice for Sergei

Dutch filmmakers Martin Maat and Hans Hermans collaborate to bring us this award-winning documentary about a 37-year-old Russian tax officer who died in mysterious circumstances in a Russian prison. That he was arrested for attempting to expose a corruption scandal and was silenced by the government led to much uproar and protests and his death was seen as a failure of the justice system. This documentary reveals the untold story of Sergei Magnitsky, a man who spent eleven months in police custody during which he developed several health issues but was denied medical assistance, leading to his demise. Sergei’s death received a lot of international attention as he was an ordinary man who was targeted merely for turning against the intolerant Russian government.

What Happened in Vegas

Not to be confused with the Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher romcom which has a similar title, this docu uncovers the dark side of police brutality and corruption. Helmed by reality TV producer Ramsey Deniso, who has previously worked on several non-fiction cop shows, this one throws light on trigger-happy LAPD officers who resort to extreme violence and often blatantly profile suspects based on race. The film actually shows a bystander who witnesses and reports a case of police brutality but then becomes a victim of the same. Some critics have argued that this film paints a one-dimensional picture of law enforcement officers as there aren’t any opposing views that have been considered. But when innocent and unsuspecting people are picked up by force and slapped with charges they had nothing to do with… just because they belong to a certain race, one can hardly defend such atrocious acts.

The Billion-Dollar Bust

Many documentaries on money launderers have broken down the mechanism and methods employed to flush currency across continents without leaving a trail. This one begins with an investigation into a few rookie money laundering crooks in Australia before turning its focus on the world’s most wanted money launderer, Altaf Khanani. The Pakistan-born criminal is said to have had ties with various gangs, drug cartels and terrorist organisations including the al-Qaida. And it took law enforcement officers from 5 countries to join forces to nab him down in Panama. This film traces the massive hunt for the man who eluded the law time and again and was responsible for laundering disproportionate sums of money through his notorious networks.

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Written by - Kunal Guha