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This Women’s Day, woo your lady love with the perfect date-night movie for every stage of your relationship

From rom-coms to Pixar classics, here’s the ultimate guide to choosing a movie for a night in with your special someone

This Women’s Day, woo your lady love with the perfect date-night movie for every stage of your relationship
When Harry Met Sally, Up, The Incredibles, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and La La Land
  • Dhwani Desai

Last Updated: 12.41 PM, Mar 07, 2023

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Date night movies are a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship. They’re the easiest to plan, are not heavy on the pocket, and are the best excuse to cuddle up and turn up the romance with your significant other. 

Women’s Day is a day away, and do you find yourself at your wits’ end, trying to figure out how to make the woman in your life feel appreciated?

Here’s a suggestion: how about you pick out a movie that resonates with just where you both are in life, in your journey of togetherness? 

But are you feeling stuck, wondering which movie to choose from the many, many romantic flicks and rom-coms for the perfect night in with your lady love? 

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We hear you, which is why we’ve curated a list of date-night movies that you can pick based on where you are in your relationship: from just starting to date, to dating for a long time, married, married with kids, and married for many years. 

Go on, impress that special someone by ordering her favourite takeout food, popping some luxurious popcorn, and selecting the perfect movie for a night filled with love, romance and bonding.

Just started dating: When Harry Met Sally (1989)
If you've just started dating, you want to choose a movie that's light and fun but still romantic. Look no further than the classic romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally. 

Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, this movie is a charming and hilarious exploration of the question, "Can men and women really be friends?" With witty banter, memorable scenes, and a heartwarming ending, When Harry Met Sally is the perfect choice for a first date.

Dating for a long time: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
For couples who have been together for a while, it's important to choose a movie that's thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. Enter Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a mind-bending romantic drama starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. 

The movie tells the story of a couple who undergo a procedure to erase their memories of each other after a painful breakup. The film raises questions about the nature of love, memory, and identity, and it's sure to spark some interesting conversations between you and your partner.

Newly married: La La Land (2016)
If you're newly married and looking for a movie that celebrates the joy and magic of love, La La Land is the perfect choice. This modern musical stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as two aspiring artists who fall in love in Los Angeles. 

With catchy songs, stunning visuals, and a bittersweet ending, La La Land is a celebration of chasing your dreams and the power of love to inspire and transform.

Married with kids: The Incredibles (2004)
For couples with kids, it can be tough to find a movie that's entertaining for both adults and children. Enter The Incredibles, a Pixar classic that's fun for the whole family. The movie tells the story of a family of superheroes who must come out of retirement to save the world from a dangerous villain. 

With witty humour, thrilling action scenes, and a heartwarming message about the power of family, The Incredibles is the perfect choice for a fun family movie night.

Married for many years: Up (2009)
For couples who have been married for many years, it's important to choose a movie that celebrates the journey of a long-term relationship. Up, another Pixar classic, is a beautiful and emotional tribute to the power of love and the joys and sorrows of a life spent together. 

The movie follows an elderly man named Carl, who embarks on a grand adventure with a young boy named Russell. It's a touching reminder of the importance of cherishing the moments and memories you share with your partner.

In the end, the perfect date movie depends on your personal tastes and the stage of your relationship. But whether you're just starting out or celebrating many years together, there's a movie out there that's sure to capture the magic of your love. 

So grab some popcorn, cosy up with your partner, and let the magic of the movies transport you to a world of romance and adventure.