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Throwback Tuesday: Raveena Tandon speaks about losing out on movies due to a "jealous" heroine; read on

Raveena Tandon revealed that her male co-actor's then-girlfriend didn't want him to work with her, despite being a "popular jodi."

Throwback Tuesday: Raveena Tandon speaks about losing out on movies due to a "jealous" heroine; read on
Raveena Tandon/Instagram
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Last Updated: 03.18 AM, Feb 07, 2023

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Raveena Tandon has been an actor for 30 years and has won many awards for her work. But she too has experienced difficulties, so it hasn't always been a smooth trip. During a recent chat with ANI, Raveena discussed how she missed out on movies in the 1990s because a co-star was "insecure."

The actor started by saying that she was given the opportunity to star in a movie whose initial star cast included both her and another successful duo. But sadly for her, that person, who was her co-star in a few movies, began dating one of the leads who couldn't stand her and who had this intensely competitive jealousy and rivalry with her.

So, the other actress made it sound like she would leave him if she saw him talking to Raveena or doing something similar. He was allegedly told he couldn't work on any more movies with the Mohra star. They were a popular duo, and the co-actor told her that he was not going to talk to her anytime his girlfriend visited the sets. Raveena inquired as to their friendship and told him that he was aware of her partner, so what's the big deal? She was seeing another person at that time.

In response, the male actor asked her not to talk to him when his girlfriend was present. All of a sudden, one day, he also said that she has to leave these films because he doesn't want to work with her anymore.

With the co-star, Raveena claimed she made an effort to spell things out. The actor gave it some thought. He went to a producer and talked about or suggested his girlfriend. That producer just dumped him. The producer claimed that the other female actor doesn't fit the role; only Raveena does. As a result, he didn't want to sign her. The producer also said that he is ready to let Raveena and him go, but will never sign that girl.

Raveena also discussed leaving the film industry. The actor said that there were those who refused to budge from their beliefs, and that's what the character represents, right? So, yes, it does happen. It's all right that they didn't demand the signing fee be returned or anything like that. Since she hasn't really broken the agreement, it's on their end, and then there are the numerous occasions when you act emotionally.

Raveena says that a famous movie director once came up to her and told her how much he loved his leading lady. He then hired her to be in a movie with Sunny Deol. The director also visited her at home and declared that she was his sister, even though she was younger. He told Raveena that he is in intense love with the leading lady and that he has the desire to wed her even though she would kill him if he did so. So he asked Raveena to assist him in maintaining their friendship. Raveena then left the movie when she was cast in the part, and that movie did reasonably well. The actor concluded by saying that she has done it a lot and assisted individuals, but nothing has ever seemed to work for them. So, in the end, she believes it's karma.