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Top Hollywood flicks based on "save the world from disaster" theme - List hai toh hit hai
Nikhil Kumar
Jan 19, 2022
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Ever imagined, You wake up one morning and learnt there is an Alien attack on Earth, everything is going to get destroyed! But you have the power in you to stop the attack, How do you plan? What do you do? This nail-biting tension is exactly what you feel while watching films belonging to the Disaster genre. Here are some commendable Hollywood flicks which are based on such Save the world scenarios. Right here, right now on List hai toh hit hai theme special.

Independence Day

This one’s an American Sci-Fi action film starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldbulm. An alien race who suddenly pose an impending threat, targeting and destroying major cities in the world , has to be stopped to avoid further destruction. Now it’s all on a pilot, a nerdy scientist and the American President to join forces and put an end to it.

OTTplay Rating - 7.3 

Available - Disney + Hotstar, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes


The 1998 American Sci-fi disaster film, starring Bruce Willis, is a story revolving around a large asteroid hurtling towards Earth as detected by NASA. An unassuming oil driller Harry Stamper is the only hope for survival.

OTTplay Rating - 7.0

Available - Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, YouTube, Google Play


This is a 2009 American Sci-fi disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich. The story depicts an apocalyptic calamity that threatens to obliterate mankind after an American scientist reveals that Earth is reaching its expiry date. Global leaders start preparing to save selected members of society while the world crashes around them. 

OTTplay Rating - 5.9

Available - Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes

Deep Impact

The 1998 American Sci-fi thriller is a phenomenal movie with an ensemble star cast and amazing visual effects. The story is about an impending comet, which when it strikes Earth, will destroy humanity. The US President executes a strategy to build caves that would save a few thousand people.

OTTplay Rating - 6.6

Available - Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Jio

World War Z

The 2013 film is an action horror film starring Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos in the lead. The story is about a UN investigator Gerry Lane and the events he experiences after his family faces a gridlock. Gerry senses something wrong and learns that a lethal virus is attacking humanity, turning people into zombies. He needs to stop the pandemic by searching for the root of the infection.

OTTplay Rating - 7.1

Available - Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Jio, Apple TV+


Released in 2011, Contagion is a thriller drama depicting a lethal virus transmitted by respiratory droplets which causes widespread panic across the globe. Medical researchers and health workers struggle to stop the spread.

 OTTplay Rating - 6.8

Available -Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vi, iTunes, Hungama

Well, that's the list hai to hit hai, save the world theme for today, I shall be back again with a brand new podcast pretty soon. It's your host Nikhil signing out for now.

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