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Top OTT Movie Releases This Week: Bawaal, Trial Period and Special Ops: Lioness

Which will be your pick this week?

Top OTT Movie Releases This Week: Bawaal, Trial Period and Special Ops: Lioness

Last Updated: 12.23 PM, Jul 21, 2023


As we reach the middle of the week, our thoughts drift towards the approaching weekend, eagerly anticipating the leisure and movie choices it brings. From Bawaal to Trial Period, a wide array of movies awaits streaming once this week comes to an end. With such a diverse selection of entertainment options, the weekend promises an ample supply of captivating content.

Here are a few films to look forward to:

Bawaal - July 21 (Prime Video)


In the film Bawaal, the central character is Ajay Dixit, a high school history teacher known by the alias Ajju Bhaiya. He has crafted a false persona that has gained him local fame. Although he faces tension in his marriage, he and his new wife, Nisha, find themselves compelled to embark on a journey through Europe during World War II due to certain circumstances. Throughout their journey, their marriage is put to the ultimate test, forcing Ajay to confront the most significant battle of all – the internal struggle within himself.

Special Ops: Lioness - July 23 (JioCinema)

Inspired by an actual US military project, the movie centers around CIA agent Joe (Zoe Saldana) as she strives to strike a balance between her professional duties in the war on terror and her personal life. To combat the threat of another 9/11 attack, Kaitlyn Meade (Nicole Kidman) and Donald Westfield (Michael Kelly) enlist the aid of a determined Marine Raider named Cruz (Laysla De Oliveira), who will work covertly with Joe among the influential figures involved in State terrorism. Together, they embark on a mission to safeguard the nation's security.

They Cloned Tyrone - July 21 (Netflix)

In this thrilling and mysterious adventure, an unconventional trio (comprising John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx) embarks on an investigation into a string of bizarre occurrences that hint at a potential government conspiracy.

The Deepest Breath - July 19 (Netflix)

This is the story of two exceptional divers – a world-class freediver and a safety diver – whose destinies intersected at the peak of their careers. It delves into the thrilling rewards and inherent perils of pursuing their passions to the depths of the ocean.

Trial Period - July 21 (JioCinema)

In the lead role of Ana, Genelia Deshmukh portrays a single mother whose life takes an unexpected turn when her curious son decides to find a father for a trial period of 30 days. In a twist of innocent persuasion, Manav Kaul's character, Prajapati Dwivedi, or PD, a disciplined individual from Ujjain, arrives, contrary to both the mother's and son's expectations. What follows is a heartwarming tale of love and friendship that blossoms despite the challenges posed by an unconventional family dynamic and clashes of personalities.

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