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Vairam: Pranam Devaraj’s film is a commercial flick with a difference

Although the recent teaser was action-packed, the actor says that stunts are not random and inserted only where absolutely necessary in the narrative

Vairam: Pranam Devaraj’s film is a commercial flick with a  difference
Pranam Devaraj is ready with his second film, Vairam
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 03.37 PM, Jan 12, 2023


Pranam Devaraj, the younger son of Dynamic Star Devaraj, is gearing up for the release of his second film as a leading man. Called Vairam, the Kannada-Telugu bilingual is a pakka commercial flick, although Pranam prefers to call it one with a difference. “It is not a regular commercial movie, but it is a proper commercial movie, as we have tried to tell a good story with a message,” the actor said at the film’s teaser launch this week. The teaser, meanwhile, was quite action-packed, but Pranam insists that the narrative doesn’t have fights randomly peppered along the way. The action sequences come up only when necessary for the progression of the story,” he says.

In an earlier conversation with OTTplay, Pranam had explained why he took up Vairam as his second film. “It was a conscious choice to do a commercial film as my next. I wanted to reach out to the masses, but then Vairam is a subject that will appeal to all audiences. It is a massy love story with a message in it – a content-oriented commercial film. The movie is based on religion; wherein there’s a villain, played by Garuda Ram, who puts religion before anything else. He does not have a good background and yet is trying to win the panchayat elections in a small town. A lot of the narrative follows what he does. I play an electrician in the same town, who falls in love with this man’s daughter. As our paths cross, how I try to change him forms the rest of the narrative. The message that we are trying to drive home is that as human beings, we should look out for each other, irrespective of religion, caste or creed,” he said.

Pranam Devaraj with Monal Jagtani
Pranam Devaraj with Monal Jagtani

Vairam, which pairs Pranam with Monal Jagtani, should be in theatres by the end of February or early March. Promotions kickstarted with the first-look teaser, and going forward, the team is looking at releasing the songs and gearing up for the theatrical release.