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VIDEO: Vineet Kumar Singh urges fans to watch his film Siya: Even my courage has limits

The actor, who was last seen in Zee5's Rangbaaz, said in a video that he released through his socials that his film Siya has gotten only one screen in his hometown Varanasi and his patience is now wearing thin.

VIDEO: Vineet Kumar Singh urges fans to watch his film Siya: Even my courage has limits
Vineet Kumar Singh's popular movies include Gangs of Wasseypur (1 & 2), Mukkabaaz, among others
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Last Updated: 12.37 PM, Sep 17, 2022


Vineet Kunar Singh is one of the most talented actors we have in Bollywood right now, but the actor seems to be struggling to get people to go in theatres and watch his latest release Siya. 

On Saturday (September 17), in a video he posted on his Twitter handle, Vineet spoke how his movie is not getting any screens in crucial areas of the Northern belt, where he is from, with his hometown of Varanasi getting only one screen for Siya leaving his fans with no choices to choose from.

Vineet, in this two-minute-long video, reminds Twitter users of all the movies and web shows he has been a part of before getting into the distribution part of his latest theatrical venture Siya.

In a grim mood, Vineet started off the video by saying, "Before making this video, I wass thinking whether I should make it or not. But, I think instead of keeping things in my heart, I should just speak what I feel. I am an acotr and you must have seen me in Mukkabaaz and in Gangs of Wasseypur. You must have also seen me in Ugly and Bombay Talkies, in Gunjan Saxena and even Sandh Ki Aankh. Recently, my web series had come out in Zee5, titled Rangbaaz and you must have seen me there too."

After a while, he talked about how his film Siya, which revolves around rape survivors, has been struggling to get screens. "And today (Septmber 16), my film Siya has released (in theatres). And I am very upset as I am receiving certain types of messages amnd I was surprised to read them. So I thought I will say what I want to say quickly. I received a text from Gorakhpur saying that my film Siya is not in Gorakhpur. It did not get even a single screen. And then someone from Pratapgarh messaged me, where the movie was shot, that not a single screen was assigned to Siya. This is a strange irony because the film was shot there and yet, it did not get a single screen. Even in my hometown Benaras, we have a lot of multiplexes and screens there, and I have a lot of people there who love me. But, my film got only one screen there. And this must the state of my film in so many other cities."

Vineet Kumar Singh, who is often lauded for his acting chops and dedication towards his craft, said in conclusion that he is leaving the fate of his film in the hands of his audience as his 'courage' and 'patience' is wearing thin.

"See, I am an actor and i understand scripts. I understand my job but I do not understand (film) distribution at all. But I do understand that if you, the audience, go and watch the film then the film will grow. Abhi iss film ko kitna aage leke jaana hai yeh aapke haanth mein hain. 

Even my courage and patience has limits, and that's all I can say. Meri bhi toh himmat tut ti hain naa. This film is in your hands from today. You decide how far do you want to take this one. Before doing this film, I thought this is an important film and that i should do it. I have done the work, thank you," concluded Vineet Kumar Singh.