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Viral photos – After resolving issue, Elvish Yadav poses with Maxtern, his cousin and father to promote ‘bhaichara’

Elvish Yadav and Maxtern resolved their two-day fight by doing an Instagram live together

Viral photos – After resolving issue, Elvish Yadav poses with Maxtern, his cousin and father to promote ‘bhaichara’
Elvish Yadav, Maxtern

Last Updated: 10.33 PM, Mar 10, 2024


Elvish Yadav and Maxtern have resolved their issues. Their fight, which lasted for two days, has now come to an end. Elvish posed with Maxtern in a photo and posted it on his profile. The picture is now obviously going viral. In another, he posed with Maxtern’s cousin and father. They sat down to resolve the issue and once solved, they all had a fan moment.

Elvish-Maxtern’s photo

Elvish and Maxtern came on Instagram live together. They later even posed for a photo together and both had a wide smile on their face. Sharing the photo, Elvish wrote, “Bhaichara on top.” The two were interestingly twinning in black and denim look. Maxtern donned a black hoodie with a black denim. Elvish was seen in a shirt and blue denim which he paired with a black leather jacket.

Elvish with Maxtern’s cousin and father

Through the photo, it is very clear that Elvish spoke to Maxtern’s cousin and father. Maxtern had invited Elvish to his house so that the elderly would talk and, in his video, Elvish revealed that Maxtern assured him that there are only two people. Maxtern was talking about his cousin and father, who sat down to explain the situation to Elvish and resolve the matter with Maxtern and Elvish in the same room.

The matter and how it got resolved

A video of Elvish beating up Maxtern went viral. A day later, Maxtern filed an FIR against Elvish. The same day, some time later, Elvish clarified his side of the story and what invoked his reaction. Elvish hoped to meet Maxtern to clear things out, since Maxtern was targeting him on social media for eight months straight. After listening to Elvish’s side of the story, Rajat Dalal interfered and in his presence, Maxtern asked Elvish to come to his house and solve the matter in the presence of the elderly. Rajat too was a part of the same. Eventually, Elvish and Maxtern came together on Instagram live, after two days of fighting with each other. They claim that there was miscommunication, which caused the issue between them. Things now appear to be resolved between the two grown men.

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