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WATCH: Netflix gives a sneak-peek into the upcoming Squid Game The Challenge Reality show with special guests

Netflix takes the creator of the iconic drama Squid Game and its actor on a Behind-the-scenes set tour, and they are surprised by the uncanny resemblance. The reality series will stream on November 22

WATCH: Netflix gives a sneak-peek into the upcoming Squid Game The Challenge Reality show with special guests
Squid Game: The Challenge reality series behind the scenes features special guest and original series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk

Last Updated: 06.26 AM, Nov 10, 2023


Squid Game Kdrama creator Hwang Dong-hyuk and actor Anupam Tripathi explore the set of the reality competition show Squid Game: The Challenge, and they are gasping with surprise. Netflix’s upcoming reality show is a spin-off of the iconic kdrama Squid Game, that became one of the most streamed shows of all time for the streaming giant. Although season 2 is still in the making, Netflix returned the Squid Game fever with its upcoming reality series, which is adapted from the hit drama.

Behind the scenes of Squid Game: The Challenge

The creators gave a glimpse of the intricately designed set through a small video clip that they shared on the social media platform, and one of the highlights is the immediate response of the special guests.

Taking to the official Instagram handle of the reality show, the team shared the clip and captioned the post, “Step onto the set of SQUID GAME: THE CHALLENGE with a behind-the-scenes tour featuring the creator of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk and special guest Anupam Tripathi!”

In the video, the creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk gets startled as he finds Anupam Tripathi, who portrayed the contestant 199, called Ali in the original series. Both of them visited the set, and the director also revealed that the reality show makers had contacted him to get key details about the original set, from beds and cloud paintings to the huge swing set – The uncanny resemblance is fascinating. Even the games were similar.

In a previously shared post, the reality series also hinted at the upcoming episodes and which game they will revolve around. Take a look here:

For the unversed, Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality series where 456 real contestants engage in a cutthroat competition for a cash prize of $4.56 million. The series will be streaming on Netflix on November 22.

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