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Why Sugar Factory actor Darling Krishna prefers emotional dramas over action flicks

The prospect of unrealistic action blocks does not appeal to Krishna, whose next is Sugar Factory that releases in theatres on November 24

Why Sugar Factory actor Darling Krishna prefers emotional dramas over action flicks
Darling Krishna

Last Updated: 04.41 PM, Nov 18, 2023


As an actor, Darling Krishna is drawn to emotional dramas. His filmography in the last 2-3 years has largely consisted of romantic dramas with oodles of emotions, which, he says, is his comfort zone. Although Krishna has the physique and screen presence to pull of an action-packed role, he admits that it doesn’t excite him much. Unlike several of his peers in the industry, the prospect of slow-motion elevation shots, and villains flying in all directions for every punch and kick, lacks appeal for Krishna.

Darling Krishna in a still from the film
Darling Krishna in a still from the film

Speaking to Kannada Pichhar during the promotions of his next, Sugar Factory, which comes to theatres on November 24, Krishna said that if he’s given a choice between an emotional drama and an action flick, he would go with the former. This, he explains, is because of the relatability of the subject, when it comes to such films. Action films tend to be very artificial, which he cannot connect with, he says. The actor-filmmaker adds that the problem with action films is also that they have no connect with reality.


“When will you ever get into a physical fight with someone? That’s hardly ever going to happen. Your conflicts will, instead, be with, say, your mother or father, or someone in your close circles. Those are the emotional challenges you will face, and when you present that onscreen, audiences connect with it,” he reasons, adding that in theatres, people may find action blocks whistle-worthy, but the appeal ends there. A film like Mungaru Male is still remembered fondly today because of the emotional connect it had with audiences, Krishna reckons.

In fact, in an earlier conversation with OTTplay, the actor had said that he gravitates towards romantic dramas over thrillers, as the former has more repeat value. Unfortunately for him, barring his own directorial ventures Love Mocktail and its sequel and the more recent Kousalya Supraja Rama, none of the other films in that genre worked for him at the box office. So much so that Kousalya Supraja Rama became the last film in that space that he took up. Krishna had been on the lookout for a script that would help him break out of that mould, which took him a while. The actor will next be seen in a period drama.

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