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You Avakai Me Ice Cream - Episode 2 Review : Engaging but the writing isn't as fluid as the first

The lead characters Rahul and Snehalatha Reddy come together to revive the fortunes of a loss-making restaurant

Srivathsan Nadadhur
Aug 17, 2021
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aha Minis, OTT platform aha's YouTube exclusive division, is back with the second episode of its first web show You Avakai Me Ice Cream. The show starring Udbhav Raghunandan, Sheetal Gauthaman, Naga Babu and Snigdha in lead roles revolves around an aspirant chef Rahul and a demanding yet miserly entrepreneur Snehalatha Reddy aka Reddamma. The fun-filled first episode introduced viewers to their struggles in a lighter vein, from Rahul facing his father's disapproval with his career choice to Reddamma's woes to run her business efficiently.

The second episode has Rahul meeting the Michelin-star chef Vikram Sundaram for the possibility of joining as an apprentice. However, the latter suggests Rahul have some real-time experience before working under him. Vikram recommends Rahul's name to the owner of a small-time restaurant (Snehalatha Reddy's father) that's struggling to survive amidst tough competition. Rahul impresses the owner with his culinary skills and is enthusiastic about being a head chef of the restaurant. The episode presents some of the challenges faced by Rahul in his new stint.

In terms of the entertainment quotient, the second episode is disappointing to a certain extent. The episode progresses at a brisk pace but more cinematic liberties come into the fray. The characters aren't fleshed out that well either. The previous episode may have highlighted Rahul's ambitions to become a chef but it's clear that he has no prior work experience. However, here he's considered good enough to revive the fortunes of a restaurant on his own. He's hired as a chef by impressing the restaurant owner with a Mexican delicacy and takes over the kitchen. the character progression is too convenient and unrealistic. The detailing about the food too is absent.

All we see are a few cliches - Rahul cutting a few onions, garnishing a dish with a few spices. The sequences showcasing food and Rahul's expertise in the kitchen are hardly appetising. Viewers don't get to know anything about the so-called special dish that's popular among customers. The verbal duels between Snehalatha and her so-called assistant named 'Carrot' don't evoke laughter at all. The confrontation between Rahul and Snehalatha feels forced. Despite all its problems with the writing and execution, You Avakai Me Ice Cream remains largely watchable. Yet, one hopes things change for the better in the third episode.

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