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You risk being overlooked if you take a break, but I didn't care: Amala Paul

Amala Paul on rediscovering herself, and why she's particularly not fond of the Telugu film industry.

You risk being overlooked if you take a break, but I didn't care: Amala Paul
Amala Paul
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Last Updated: 03.39 AM, Sep 19, 2022


Amala Paul surprised her fans in 2019 by taking a break while her career was at its peak. Then, she saw the release of her first solo release, Aadai. Despite this, she took a hiatus from acting and didn't come back until 2021. In a recent interview, Amala said she was "exhausted" and had no energy to work.

At the age of 17, Amala made her film debut in the Malayalam movie Neelathamara. She first tasted success in 2010 with the Tamil movie Mynaa.

In an interview with ETimes, she said, she got the biggest offers then, but was forced to decline them because I simply needed a break. “I was burnt out, worn out, and exhausted. I entered the field when I was 17 and am now 30. There has been no break for nearly 13 years.”

Amala Paul had a personal loss when she lost her father. The pandemic then broke out. “There were no appointments or shooting schedules. That provided me with plenty of time to reflect on my life, my path, and my feelings. I began to realise that I wasn't pleased with the person I was becoming into. That break was much needed since I felt like I was carrying too much baggage.”

The actor was certain she needed a break, but her family was concerned that because she was spending less time in films, people could forget her.

“You risk being overlooked if you take a break. But I didn't care. I was putting my need for rest first!”

Amala’s latest release was Cadaver, which dropped on Disney+Hotstar, last month. She explained how Cadaver came to be as follows: “I wasn't the producer at first. Since I had trouble finding funding, I had to do everything myself. I was willing to complete the project without payment. I adored my character, and the script was wonderful!”

She has three Malayalam movies in production; Teacher, Christopher, and Aadujeevitham, next.

When questioned about why she only appeared in a few Telugu movies, she added, “There, these actor families and their friends significantly dominate the space. Female actors are just roped in for songs. I found it difficult to relate to what was happening around.”

Amala acknowledges that her journey has had many highs and lows. “No one is to blame for my failure. I accept responsibility for my professional choices. Risks exist in this industry because of how it operates. Having stated that, I want to express my gratitude to the universe for everything I have experienced thus far!”