Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 1 review: There is something brewing between George and Brenda
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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 1 review: There is something brewing between George and Brenda

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 1: One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires hints at the affair between George and Brenda. But it does not reveal much, adding to the curiosity of the viewers.

Akhila Damodaran
Oct 08, 2021
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Young Sheldon Season 5


Young Sheldon, based on The Big Bang Theory, follows the story of a bona fide genius Sheldon in his childhood days. The latest season picks up from where the story ended in Season 4. The last season showed George walking out of the house after a big fight with Mary. He picks the car keys and drives to a local pub where he runs into his newly single neighbour Brenda who asks him if he needed company and he responds: 'Sure'.


The first episode of season 5 picks the story from exactly where it left in Season 4. It opens at the bar where George is seen having a good time with Brenda. The two reminisce and connect over their liking for the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Brenda then asks if George would like to go over to her place as her kids are not home. Before he could respond, he suffers a mild heart attack. The entire episode then follows George guilt-tripping for the earlier night which he admits to having enjoyed.

While George is seen choking with guilt, it leads to a few chuckles with some funny scenes and dialogues. He probably also tries to tell the truth to his family but struggles to do so. He is seen changing the subject every time someone discusses infidelity and cheating.

Since the Big Bang Theory already revealed that George had an extramarital affair and he cheated on Mary, it adds to the curiosity if the affair was with Brenda. The episode leaves viewers hanging, wondering if this is what got Sheldon to learn to knock at one's door three times. Sheldon had revealed to Penny that the reason why he does that is because he once walked in on his father with another woman when he was 13.

As usual, the comedic timing of the cast is amazing. Meemaw is adorable and unapologetic and Georgie seems to care less while his father is recovering at home. And Sheldon is hell-bent on getting punished for running away with Missy.

The final scene where George goes over to Brenda's and has a heartfelt conversation only heightens the curiosity of the viewers.


The new season takes the story ahead hinting at something bigger to come. It leaves several clues at George having an affair with the newly single neighbour Brenda, leaving you with a cliffhanger.

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