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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 5 review: Sheldon admits George Senior may not have been a bad dad

The sitcom, it would appear, is hell-bent on fixing a Big Bang Theory plot hole, by having (adult) Sheldon admit that he and his siblings may not have been the greatest kids.

  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 03.42 PM, Nov 08, 2021

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 5 review: Sheldon admits George Senior may not have been a bad dad
Lance Barber as George Senior in Young Sheldon

Story: Sheldon and Dr Linkletter are stuck and need Dr Sturgis to help them solve the issue; Billy wants to ask out Missy and Georgie has a brilliant business proposal for Meemaw. 

Review: For starters, let’s begin with this - what exactly is happening with Prime Video and its delayed telecast of Young Sheldon in India? Season 5 Episode 5, which was out on Friday, dropped on the platform only today, an even longer delay than last week. The episodes are, anyway, getting shorter by the week; this time it was only 20-minutes long. So, what’s up?

Now that we have seen it, well, here’s what’s happening on Stuffed Animals and A Sweet Southern Syzygy. George Sr is in charge of the kids, with Mary out with Pastor Jeff on a retreat, and decides to prove he can be best dad after all, by doling out football analogy wisdom to Sheldon and Billy, who, as it turns out, has a torch for Missy and wants to ask her out.

His logic works wonders for Sheldon, who gets Dr Sturgis and Dr Linkletter to use their ‘dislike’ for each other’s proficiency to solve a scientific roadblock. In the process, he also admits that his dad may not have been all that bad, and that it could have, perhaps been that they weren’t the greatest kids. Well, that’s something, considering that Sheldon has not had the greatest things to say about his dad on Big Bang Theory. It would be interesting to see if the showrunners course-correct to tie in with the earlier show or decides to rectify this issue. Meanwhile, Missy doesn’t take too lightly to George Senior’s dating advice to Billy, who asks her out in public, in front of her friends.

The other highlight of the super-short episode was that Georgie came around for Meemaw in a way she wasn’t expecting. While she thought she could get her grandson to help around at her newly-acquired laundromat, he doesn’t fall for that, but figures out a way for her to legally open up her previously illegal gambling unit.

Verdict: In its run so long, Young Sheldon has never painted George Sr as the negligent, cheating dad that Sheldon always referred to him as on Big Bang Theory. So, the current trajectory of the show is a little confusing.

Where to watch: Young Sheldon is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video (in India)