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Yuva now on OTT: Yuva Rajkumar’s launchpad moves from store to ‘free’ streaming

The debut film of Yuva Rajkumar, Yuva became available for rental-only early access after only three weeks of theatrical run.

Yuva now on OTT: Yuva Rajkumar’s launchpad moves from store to ‘free’ streaming
Yuva Rajkumar in a still from Obbane Shiva Obbane Yuva

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Apr 26, 2024


Yuva, the launchpad of Yuva Rajkumar, had a lot of buzz around it before it hit theatres. The film was produced by Hombale Films, the makers of the KGF and Salaar sagas and Kantara, and directed by Santhosh Ananddram, who had given Yash and the late Puneeth Rajkumar massive hits in the form of Mr and Mrs Ramachari and Raajakumara, respectively. Tasked with the responsibility of launching Raghavendra Rajkumar’s younger son, the expectation was that Santhosh would spin a yarn that would work for fans of the Doddmane.


The fact that the film was on the store of the digital partner Amazon Prime Video after only 3 weeks, hints at an average box office outing. Given that Kannada cinema does not have dedicated box office trackers, the numbers floating on social media are approximate figures based on the number of online tickets and an approximate figure for offline sales. The film’s net performance is said to be in the range of Rs 8 cr to Rs 11 cr.

As of today, Yuva has moved out of the store and is now available to stream for free to subscribers of the platform. The film is available in Kannada with English subtitles only. Dubbed versions are unlikely to be made available.

Yuva Rajkumar played the title character Yuva, a national-level wrestler, who gets suspended from the sport for two years in a fabricated case. He takes out the frustration of not being able to do what he loves to by drinking and fighting with fellow students at the engineering college in Mangaluru that he is at.

When a tragedy hits his family and Yuva is forced to support them, his wrestling background check becomes an issue for him in taking up jobs commensurate with his educational qualification. What he then does to get his family out of the trouble they find themselves in, while his coach works on clearing his name and getting him another shot at sporting glory, is what Yuva is all about.

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