Aani Kay Hava 3 review: Priya Bapat-Umesh Kamat's Marathi show is a sweet-savoury from healthy diet
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Critics Review
Aani Kay Hava 3 review: Priya Bapat-Umesh Kamat's Marathi show is a sweet-savoury from healthy diet

Aani Kay Hava borderline manages to reach the standards set by the first two seasons. Varun Narvekar has written the show beautifully but he falls short in terms of execution.

Aug 06, 2021
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Aani Kay Hava.


Jui (Priya Bapat) and Saket (Umesh Kadam) moved into a new apartment in the first season of Aani Kay Hava. Now, by Aani Kay Hava 3, they have completed half a decade as a married couple. The show explores how the two work together every single day to keep their relationship alive. Even though they are emotional, both Jui and Saket are practical people who have come to understand each other better than anybody else.


In the shoes of Jui, Priya Bapat is as fierce as always. She has a strong personality and thus, it's easy to assume her as someone who has her husband 'Saket' Umesh Kadam wrapped around her little finger. Interestingly, we also get to see a different side to her towards the end of the season. The stubborn and practical woman in her breaks down and shows her sensitive and vulnerable side here. The scene is one of the most beautiful and realistic moments on the show.

Umesh is adorable as Saket. He has always been a cutie on the show as the cool, fun-loving and hilarious husband. Season 3 continues his track as a kid in a grown man's body and it is one of the best aspects of the show. He will remind you of Jake from Two and a half men, who only cared about food and sleeping for almost all of his lifetime. Together, Jui and Saket make for one of the cutest couples in the history of the Marathi industry. Season 3 showcases their chemistry perfectly, which is one of the main reasons you must watch the show

Even though the story begins on a good note, it is slower and duller as compared to the other two seasons. Moreover, it does not meet the expectations after the second season's cliffhanger ending. The topics have, in fact, gone awry. From knowing one's worth in the toughest times (here losing a job amid COVID-19) to 'never stop being a kid at heart', this season packs in many messages in comparison to the previous ones (which were more entertaining).

The cinematography for the show is strictly average. The third and fourth episode, especially, has intense lighting, even during daytime. There's a moment between the couple involving a lightning but it is not as beautiful as it could have been.

Varun Narvekar, the writer, scores over the director in him. He has written the show beautifully but he falls short in terms of execution. Aani Kay Hava 3 is sweet but is hardly a match to what the filmmaker pulled off in the first season. The show addresses powerful topics that could have been addressed with a pinch of entertainment to keep the viewers glued to their screens. Varun had managed that with season two but is nowhere close here.


While Varun deserves applause for staying true to the theme of Aani Kay Hava even after three seasons, he barely manages to live up to the expectations he raised by the end of season 2. So, you may be slightly disappointed, if you are an avid fan of the show. However, if you watch season 3 without comparing it to the first two seasons, then you may end up liking the show a lot.

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