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Critics Review
American Eid review: An emotional and heartwarming film about a young Pakistani immigrant

Ameena's first Eid away from home

Adelle Fernandes
Jul 12, 2021
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What's it about:

American Eid follows a young Muslim Pakistani immigrant, Ameena, who embarks on a journey to make Eid a public holiday at her new school. She faces rejection from multiple people, including her sister, Zainab, who is trying to keep her heritage a secret. However, an optimistic and innocent Ameena does everything in her power to stay true to her identity.

What's hot:

Directed by Aqsa Altaf, this emotional short film is all about Ameena, who realizes her new country does not embrace her favourite festival, Eid. She and her family spend the festival in America for the first time ever and must adjust to the cultural changes.

The real shock comes when Ameena realizes she and her sister, Zainab, must go to school on Eid. She takes it upon herself to gather signatures from fellow students and staff at the school, so she and her sister can have Eid off to celebrate with their family. However, her task isn't easy, as her sister does everything she can to distance herself from her culture. She even goes as far as to go by the name Z (pronounced Zee).

Apart from witnessing Ameena struggling to celebrate a festival close to her heart, her troublesome equation with Zainab makes the film interesting. Not only does the short film touch upon identity and culture, but also sibling rivalry.

Watching Zainab slowly accepting and embracing her true identity and gradually reconnecting with her sister is quite an experience. It gives the film an emotional edge and touches the hearts of viewers.

The cinematography helps viewers connect with Ameena and relate to the emotions she goes through. The film also uses brighter shots to denote happier scenes, which adds to the film's vibrancy.


What's not:

There's nothing to dislike or hate about this film, as it takes a holistic approach to portray Ameena's life.


This short film is a must-watch, as it hosts a mélange of emotions and engages with the audience as well. The film will be sure to bring tears to your eyes with its emotional and wholesome ending.

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