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Antim: The Final Truth Review - Salman Khan-Aayush Sharma starrer makes you want to run to the exit door

While Mahesh Manjrekar is to be lauded as a director, he fails in the casting department, except for Salman Khan, of course. The superstar entertains you in almost every scene, but after a point, banking on his superstardom also takes a toll on the film.

  • Shaheen Irani

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.03 AM, Nov 26, 2021

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Based on Mulshi Pattern, Antim: The Final Truth is the story of a farmer's son who seeks justice. However, with increasing power, he gets blinded along the way. Can he be rescued?


Salman Khan's voice-over as we see the aerial view of Pune is a good start. Soon, Aayush Sharma is introduced as Rahul. He has lesser expressions than a wood.

Mulshi Pattern was a potboiler, but Antim doesn't even come close to it. The main scene, where Rahul ends up making a necklace out of the logo of his rival's car, is completely ignored in Antim. That does not help the already weak film.

Salman Khan's entry is as heroic as he can be. He creates fear with his soft but tempered nature. Of course, it has unbelievable action scenes too. This time, Bhaijaan fights with a kada. He also becomes a hunter while whipping villains with his belt in the entry scene itself. Even though it's hilarious, Bhai has his magic intact.

Aayush actually pops his eyes out while romancing. Forget romancing, he struggles to even talk. On the other hand, he blinks when he's angry. How is anybody supposed to believe that?

The intimate moments between Aayush and Mahima Makwana also appears fake. There is no chemistry between the two so the scene ends up disgusting you.

Mahesh Manjrekar returns in his role as the girl's father. He does justice in whatever little, yet impactful role, he has in the movie.

Salman talks in Marathi while playing a Sardaar. His lingo comes as a surprise. He also ends up talking in Punjabi in a scene that is just as cool. His savage nature does not come as a surprise but is much welcomed.

His long-haired look is back in the movie. The actor looks even more handsome than in the film Veer.

The actor's entry is much-awaited every time since he brings some bouts of laughter with every entry. Much later in the film, he runs the whole game. That is when the film becomes a bit interesting.

Not even halfway through the film, Waluscha D'Souza comes in with an item number which does not help the film in any way. Honestly, I'm looking towards the exit already.

Prosenjit Chatterjee and Nikitin Dheer are surprises. They come in cameo appearances and blend into the film. The fact that they do, is not necessarily a good thing. Salman taking them on and beating them is a hilarious sight.

Many parts of the film are shot in natural daylight, especially in the first half, which helps the story Mahesh wanted to tell.

Aayush tries to compete with Salman in a fight sequence. This is the most hilarious thing that has happened in the film so far.

The songs in this film are quite a disappointment, distraction and never-ending. They don't even help the story in any way and end up being a headache.

The second half goes on just as boring as the first, if not more. A scene focusing on telling the event through Aayush's eyes, is the only good part in the second half, right after Salman Khan.

Varun Dhawan has a cameo appearance in a song. It is the only bearable song after Bhai ka Birthday. By that time, we just know that the movie tries to be another Om Shanti Om, thanks to all the cameos but fails to live up to the mark on many levels.

The cinematography and depth of field do not help the film. I can't decide if Salman and Aayush are fighting together or in sync. It is laughable or stupid. All in all, everything about the movie except Salman Khan is disappointing, and after a while, even he becomes very monotonous in character.


There is absolutely nothing to save Antim other than Salman Khan. The actor is in the second lead which was Mahesh Manjrekar's first and biggest mistake. Aayush Sharma, as Rahul, is a disappointment. The story revolves around Rahul. So you can decide if you would like to take a risk watching two and a half hours of Aayush and Salman in half an hour of action.

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