Control Z season 2 Review: Unnecessary sequel with an equally disappointing 'avenger'
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Critics Review
Control Z season 2 Review: Unnecessary sequel with an equally disappointing 'avenger'

There's no new character involved in Netflix’s problematic high school drama which turns out to be another revenge saga where the antagonist is seeking vengeance from the same lot of people. 

Aishwarya Vasudevan
Aug 06, 2021
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The hacker's identity and the death of Luis sent shockwaves in the season finale of the first season of Control Z. The second season chronicles the aftermath of the events that took place and has got an unidentified person seeking revenge. The secrets aren’t the only thing at stake this time as someone is making them pay for all the trouble they’ve caused. 


The first season of Control Z was termed as an amalgamation of Gossip Girl and 13 Reasons Why, by many. Well, talking about the second season, it is no different and quite frankly, more disappointing. The first season finale didn't end on a cliffhanger. In the second season, a new angle has been introduced to advance the plot further. However, the only thing which keeps the second season going is the curiosity to know who is the one that’s seeking revenge or as the characters would ask, who’s the 'avenger'? 

The self-appointed avenger takes matters into their hands to give justice to Luis (Luis Curiel) who was killed after Gerry (Patricio Gallardo) attacked him. The punishment is heinous as it involves burying alive, tasing, attacking with bees and more. Although the acts of vengeance appear quite gruesome, they don't quite justify why the avenger makes it a personal mission to punish all. The constant question you may find yourself asking is - Why was it even necessary?


Some shows lend themselves to be short and sweet (not literally) and make for an easy binge-watch which is exactly how the first season of Control Z panned out. The second season is nothing short of a drag. The only good thing is that the makers didn’t mess up the details and layers of the characters.  

Several moments in Control Z 2 would give you a déjà vu of 13 Reasons Why seasons one and two. Remember when Hannah Baker and Zach Dempsey hooked up in the second season? It seemed a misfit and was quite unrelatable as this sub-plot in 13 Reasons Why wasn't a part of the book on which the series is based. Control Z brings a similar sub-plot that doesn’t fit in the overall narrative due to the characters involved. 


The first season highlighted major issues like homophobia, slut-shaming, bullying, toxic masculinity and more. All these are taken ahead in the second season, but the path chosen is quite off-target. 

Ana Valeria Becerril who plays Sofía Herrera is in her A-game, but the shaping of her character goes in vain when it comes to her character’s personal front. Maybe it's in her nature to truly forgive and get involved with Raúl León (Yankel Stevan) again. This season features less of Javier Williams (Michael Ronda) but he still gets a strong character arc without much of his involvement.


Every character is given importance in this season in a prolonged way. Some are detailed in a good way while others are just to fill in the void to stretch it to clock eight episodes. 

The good ones include Natalia Alexander (Samantha Acuña) who is in hot waters after getting involved in dealing with drugs and losing it out at NONA in the first season. To save herself, she goes to extreme lengths in the second season which is slightly disturbing. 

The creators of the show Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi and Miguel García Moreno kept Control Z season two going by cooking up flawed sub-plots which doesn't make it a binge-worthy watch. You might skip it to the end to know who the Avenger is or take steps just like Sofía who spreads her arms into many other issues and finally reaches the answer when she could have solved it much earlier. 

Although the second season ended with a cliffhanger, still, it can be kept as is and hope the makers do not renew it for a third season. 


This problematic high-school drama of 'vengeance, served cold' is a done and dusted plot with a disappointing revelation.

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