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Dharavi Bank Review: Lazy writing makes Suniel Shetty's dashing comeback a dull show!

Suniel Shetty and Vivek Oberoi deliver their finest performances, but the story is nothing more than an old wine served in a new bottle! 

Dharavi Bank Review: Lazy writing makes Suniel Shetty's dashing comeback a dull show!
Dharavi Bank Review (Source: Google)
  • Reema Chhabda

Last Updated: 01.06 PM, Nov 19, 2022


Dharavi Bank centres on the slum area of Dharavi, which is located in Mumbai, the city of dreams. The show depicts the life of Thalaivan (Suniel Shetty), a criminal with a more than 30,000-crore business. Thalaivan has a firm grip on Dharavi thanks to his wealth of strength, influence, and resources. The government is threatened by Thalavian's popularity, which prompts the Chief Minister, Janvi Surve (Sonali Kulkarni), to devise a thorough plan of action against him. The Chief Minister, in a last-ditch effort to maintain her position of authority, authorises a raid against Thalavian's realm. She hires Joint Commissioner Jayant Gavaskar (Vivek Anand Oberoi) to assist her with the mission. Jayant appears to have a personal motivation for opposing Thalavian in addition to his professional duty.


A gang leader whose influence has become a threat to society and, specifically, to the political career of the minister, is the focus of this series' plot if all its elements are taken into account. Similar stories of this kind have been included in B-town films and other web shows, so Dharavi Bank doesn't really offer anything unique. 

Without a doubt, the show's principal actor is the camera work and cinematography. The show provides a stunning representation of every nook and cranny of Dharavi, which keeps us watching, but is that enough? The show's plot is weak since it seems hastily written, and the editing is what primarily kills viewers' interest in it. After a certain point, the prolonged silences, excessive stares, and moments with only background music involved start to annoy you.

With predictable turns and twists, this series won't offer you anything new or an original reason to watch. This show is for die-hard Suniel Shetty or Vivek Oberoi fans who have been waiting to see them on screen; it may be on an OTT platform. However, the show didn't really introduce viewers to something fresh.

Stills of Suneil Shetty, Vivek Oberoi and Sonali Kulkarni from Dharavi Bank
Stills of Suneil Shetty, Vivek Oberoi and Sonali Kulkarni from Dharavi Bank

Suniel Shetty makes an acting comeback with his debut OTT series. Acting as Thalaivan, the brutal and vicious kingpin of Dharavi, the actor proves that he is here to stay this time. 

He portrays his character brilliantly, from his serious gaze to his outstanding dialogue delivery. In the 1990s and 2000s, Suniel Shetty was adored for his action scenes and wide appeal. Seeing him again in a role after a long absence is commendable because he picked a role that fits his age and physique, playing a Thalaivan.

Vivek Oberoi, on the other hand, plays a cop, Jayant Gavaskar, and stays true to his character. In contrast to his own sculpted persona, Vivek's physique has changed as he played the cop.

Sonali Kulkarni plays Janvi Surve, a politician, in the series. She plays her character admirably and with the flexibility of her own actions. 


Out of the ten episodes, the first two are the most dramatic, complex, and intriguing. Later, the show starts to deteriorate slowly, and you lose interest.