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Fingertip Season 2 review: This aptly-cast slow-burn cyber-thriller, on Zee5, has its moments

Directed by Shivakar Srinivasan, Fingertip Season 2, is a noteworthy attempt at sensitising audiences about cybercrime. The viewing experience makes you realise that perhaps waiting for something can be worth it.

  • S Subhakeerthana

Last Updated: 08.07 AM, Jun 18, 2022

Fingertip Season 2 review: This aptly-cast slow-burn cyber-thriller, on Zee5, has its moments
Regina, Prasanna, Aparna Balamurali/Twitter

Story: Internet access is more relevant today than ever before. Nevertheless, there are dangers with every click... The eight-episode series of Fingertip Season 2 (that streams on Zee5), directed by Shivakar Srinivasan, explores the same.

Review: Digital crime is usual these days, and Fingertip Season 2 throws some light on privacy and our vulnerability online. Two issues are central to this web series: cybercrime and human psychology. Taking on more than one subject in a script and finding the right balance while remaining unscathed is a difficult task.

In Fingertip Season 2, Shivakar Srinivasan and writer Rohit find this sweet spot, with the main concerns, vaguely balancing each other.

Psychologist Shruti (Aparna Balamurali) counsels a young girl, who feels devastated, as her boyfriend threatened her that he'd share their intimate pictures on the Internet. "You haven't done anything wrong. He should feel bad for having filmed this without your consent. But, remember, living is the solution, suicide isn't," says Shruti. Eventually, you see her making a presentation to a bunch of cops, about the dark web, and how it has repercussions on mental health, ranging from anxiety, depression, and in extreme situations, suicide. While none of the police officers took the session seriously, ACP Arivazhagan (Prasanna) wants to understand these issues in detail. So, he decides to meet Shruti in person, to discuss things, over a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, you are shown how a female actor (played by Regina Cassandra) is hellbent on reconstructing her nose. You get a glimpse into her past, too. She is struggling with peer pressure, body image issues and other challenges. But there are simply not enough counsellors to go around. Fingertip Season 2 also highlights this. As the series moves forward, you are introduced to the rest of the characters like Venkat (Vinoth Kishan), a delivery executive; Naveen (Kanna Ravi), who promotes trolls on social media and Adinath (Sharath Ravi), a mobile store owner. All of these characters are linked together in Fingertip Season 2.

Even as cybercrime remains the main focus, the script does not take its eyes away from human psychology. Fingertip Season 2 lives up to its potential in some portions, but does not come together as a cohesive whole. There is just too much the web series is trying to say. It feels longer than it should. The concept is admirable, but the execution falls short. On paper, the concept is relatable and probably needed too. But when you watch, you realise it focuses on too many things, and as an audience, you feel suffocated. The trick to writing an engaging thriller is in how you dish out information... How much to give away? How much to hold? The script does not manage to keep the tension going in each of these separate episodes... Some of these cases are solved thanks to some convenient, easy coincidences.

Concerns about surveillance and cybersecurity motivated the writing. However, it appears that the filmmaker leans toward the idea that hacking and surveillance do not always have to be ethical if the purpose is noble. Almost all of these stories were inspired by various cybercrime incidents reported across the country. Had the series been more tightly edited with better pacing, Fingertip Season 2 could have made for a gripping watch rather than something that engages in parts.

All the actors do justice to their parts. Prasanna dons the cop’s role with elan, and the performances of his fellow actors, especially, Vinoth Kishan, Sharath Ravi and Kanna Ravi are the strength of the web series. Regina Cassandra and Aparna Balamurali too have a strong arc and excel in their respective roles. Such will be the impact of Fingertip Season 2 that after watching the web series, you might think twice to reveal any personal information on any digital platform.

Verdict: It is a risky experiment that pays off handsomely in parts.

(Fingertip Season 2 currently streams on Zee5)