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Goti Soda season 3 review: Sanjay Goradia's show is only slightly entertaining

The series is funny but at the cost of being derogatory.

Goti Soda season 3 review: Sanjay Goradia's show is only slightly entertaining
Goti Soda.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.51 PM, Feb 12, 2023

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Pappu deals with new problems. While sometimes baa creates issues, the other times it is his son Aayush.


Goti Soda season 3 commences with forced laughs. This time, the focus is on Sunil Vishrani as Jolly over Sanjay Goradia's Pappu. He turns into a foreigner with the fam. Sanjay enters the frame much later.

The story revolves around reels this time. Of course, start-ups are also touched upon.

Prathi Dholakia is hilarious in her role even now. She is however limited to a bimbo.

Bhavini Jani is great as always too. Pratham Bhatt as Ayush is as always. He tries to be cool but barely is.

Jiya Bhatt as Khushi is as awesome as always. She gets the job done.

The story goes in an expected manner. Of course, English is also not the strong suit in the series.

Fat-shaming is very common and casual in this series. Misogyny is also quite common through many scenes.

The jokes are also the same. Thankfully, they still work to an extent. Self-roast is the best part of the series.

The show has interesting moments but those are rare. It has comedy and little life lessons and that's all that's there to it.


Goti Soda season 3 is again only bearable. The show has its moments but those are very few. Even the comedy here is either forced or derogatory.