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Kaali Peeli Tales review: This Soni Razdan, Vinay Pathak, Sharib Hashmi starrer is mostly a cringe-fest

Kaali Peeli Tales improves (even though not to a great extent) in the second half i.e. from episode 4.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 22, 2021
cover image
Kaali Peeli Tales.


Various love stories between couples of all kinds begin the moment they enter a 'kaali peeli' (taxi/cab). Based in Mumbai, the episodes feature renowned actors, who understand what fate needs from them the minute they step into a cab.


Kaali Peeli tales, which should have been titled 'Love In Kaali Peeli', refers to various stories from a wedding almost falling apart, a family being reunited, finding oneself to feel the love, thanks to the cab.

The series begins with the story of a married couple named Malini (Maanvi Gagroo) and Ashwin (Hussain Dalal).

Maanvi makes for a cute doll from the first scene of Marriage 2.0. Hussain, who plays her husband, is adorable too. Malini (Maanvi) shows her versatile dimension. While sweet in one scene, she gets aggressive in another.

Kaali Peeli Tales.

Mrinmayee Godbole, who plays Karuna, is cute. 'Pushpa' Varun Tewari, on the other hand, is awkward from the first scene. As adorable as Karuna is, he brings in the cringe factor in their equation.

The second episode Harra Bharra, which should have been adorable, is cringy from the first scene. 'Neena' Soni Razdan fixes her bindi while Vinay Pathak stares at her from afar. She behaves like a college girl, twirling like a child while calling herself 'out of figure'.

The audiences feel the same way as their daughter Suchi (Kavya Thapar). "Kya ho raha hai yeh?" and "Stop it guys," is exactly what goes on in our minds too.

The episode takes an overdramatic turn in the split of a second. Even if it has a moment of awe, it arrives a little too late. With the end too, this episode continues to be a cringe-fest.

'Rhea' Inaayat Sood and 'Ankit' Adeeb Rais' Love In Tadoba begins with the Kaali Peeli scene itself. Even though it begins with high hopes, Love In Tadoba gets boring through and through in less than a minute.

Cringe appears to be the theme of the show. The #DontJudge moment doesn't help the episode either. The loud music and random songs just make things worse. This episode, especially, really tests your patience and tolerance level for cringe content.

The fourth episode Single Jhumka begins on an interesting note. 'Ashima' Sayali Gupta watches over the shore while standing at Marine Drive in her saree. She is engaged to a j*** called Suheil, who isn't ready to hear her out or have an opinion.

'Veer' Priyanshu Painyulli's entry is super powerful. As a free-spirited person, he loves being around himself and lets Ashima feel the love too.

The cinematography in the episode is noteworthy. It enhances what the characters are feeling which is a nice change to see in an otherwise boring show. Director Adeeb Rais finally manages to bring some depth to the show with the episode.

Kaali Peeli Tales.

The fifth episode Fish Fry Aur Coffee is more realistic than the others. 'Chachu' Sharib Hashmi is introduced as a cutie in the episode. 'Vicky' Gaurav Arora, on the other hand, makes a neutral first impression.

Chachu has a fresh and optimistic perspective on life. He is so optimistic that others cannot keep up with it. Vicky is exactly what Chachu isn't. While Chachu gets comfortable in all surroundings and finds ways to make others feel welcomed, Vicky does the exact opposite of that.

Chachu's love Sabita speaks with her eyes. Mansi, on the other hand, talks a lot while Vicky's silence speaks volumes. His outburst, on the other hand, isn't believable.

Chachu and Vicky's lives are contrasting. While the former wishes he could get back with Sabita, who is now married, the latter hopes Mansi moves on because he can't deal with himself. However, destiny brings them together and the two realise the balance needed in their approach to life. They also understand the value of every person and relationship.

Kaali Peeli Tales.

'Chris' Tanmay Dhanania looks adorable as always on his entry in the final episode of Kaali Peeli Tales, Loose Ends. As we move back to the character’s flashbacks, he becomes even more likeable.

'Kartik' Siddharth Menon also does a fine job. His entry scene hints at something major and there is no disappointment in that area, even if you somewhere do expect the twist that comes your way.

Gauahar Khan, in the role of his wife, does a good job at displaying her emotions too.

Ranjit Kapur, in the role of his father, makes a spectacular entry. He fades away as the story progresses. However, the actor can't be blamed too much, for his role demanded that out of him.

The big loophole in the story is that it is based during a time when Section 377 wasn't legalized in India. However, Chris freely tells people he is gay, sans facing any repercussions. Considering the struggles homosexuals have gone through to find acceptance in society, his story appears too convenient. He also doesn't do much to show the struggle he goes through. Even if he is open about his sexuality, there was always a fear of admitting it to others or at least about the repercussions. It seems especially unfair when his partner Kartik has to open up to his wife and go through trauma after coming out of the closet.

If that point is to be ignored, Loose Ends is one of the most adorable gay love stories made in India recently.


You can afford to skip Kaali Peeli Tales since almost half of the series is cringe-worthy. If you wish to watch it, then we would recommend you begin watching from the fourth episode. There isn't anything that you would miss if you watch these episodes from the middle. Moreover, you will thank you for saving you from the headache of watching people overact on screen.

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