Kaasav movie review: Alok Rajwade's film is about beauty in simplicity
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Critics Review
Kaasav movie review: Alok Rajwade's film is about beauty in simplicity

While it is tough to deal with the human complexities, Kaasav does so effortlessly. At the same time, the movie is also visually appealing and realistic in nature.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 08, 2021
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Human lives are complex. They yearn for love but not necessarily from everyone, but especially from those who do not understand them. Kaasav, which means turtle, addresses the same emotions - love and fear. Alok Rajwade, as Manav, brings all the emotions to the forefront, thanks to some brilliant supporting characters and a solid storyline.


The first scene of Kaasav hints at something intense about to happen. It is a perfect blend of a visual representation and a human emotion.

The setup of the film is very real and relatable. Waking up to train noises is common in Mumbai and a scene around that is simple, yet powerful.

Alok Rajwade (Manav)'s entry scene, most likely as a slum dweller, holds the same essence - simple yet hinting at something huge.

The attempt-to-suicide scene is one of the most crucial moments in the movie. This is mainly because Alok manages to make you feel the pain he is going through. Of course, the cinematography helps as much.

As we dig deeper into his character, the mystery around his personality unfolds unexpectedly.

The makers also focused on the lighting of the film. They have used natural lighting as much as possible, which works in the favour of this movie.

Iravati Harshe, as Janaki, is loveable in every scene. She brings a motherly vibe. Thanks to her character, the otherwise complex plot gets a bit warm and friendly. She beautifully relates the story to how turtles live.

The characters, not just Janaki and Manav, but also other supporting characters bind together beautifully. They are connected without even exchanging words with each other. It is the kind of friendship everyone craves and very few find.

Janaki and Manav's first long interaction is interesting. The transformation of their characters is top-notch, proving that a little love can take you a long way.

Sea turtles are introduced to the story. For the uninitiated, Kaasav means turtle and thus, this becomes an important backstory. A scene from the Mahabharat is also a part of the film but unlike many other movies, it doesn't become a highlight in the story.

The cinematography captures the beaches and turtles beautifully. The last scene of this film leaves a lot to the imagination but still, gives a happy and satisfied feeling.


Kaasav is a must-watch for every person who needs to appreciate the art of cinema. With a simplistic storyline, Kaasav leaves a massive impact and that's the beauty of the film.

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