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Lucifer Season 6 review: The Devil gets a happy ending after all!

After 5 seasons of watching the Devil deal with daddy issues that were put to rest, the show Lucifer bows out with a 10-episode 6th and final season by revisiting the premise. This time, though, it is not Mr Morningstar who is brimming with anger.

Prathibha Joy
Sep 10, 2021
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Cast: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, DB Woodside, Lesley Ann-Brandt, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harrisa and Aimee Garcia.

Story: Lucifer must ascend the throne in Silver City, but his heart is not in being God. Does he finally realize what he truly desires?

Review: Most American television crime-solving procedural dramas follow the detective and side-kick consultant routine, with the latter a civilian who is a writer, psychic, or zombie, for that matter. Lucifer, which now ends its run with a final 6th season, takes the cake in the inane story department, with none other than the Devil himself aiding the Los Angeles Police Department. The fact that it made it to six seasons, despite a cancellation after the fourth, rests squarely on its charming leading man, Tom Ellis, whose truly devilish good looks, British accent, immaculate singing talent and performance, are what most of the show’s devoted fanbase root for.

Of course, no crime-fighting duo is complete without a bit of romance thrown in, so, we had almost 5 seasons of will they-won’t they between Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker. By the end of season 5, ‘Deckerstar’, as the duo is called, was firmly in place and Lucifer seemed to have found his calling as the rightful heir to his father’s throne in Silver City. Being God, though, can’t be easy; you are, after all, responsible for 7 billion people and season 6 opens with Lucifer in a bit of personal turmoil about assuming the throne he had, not long ago, fought for. He’s in a happy place, as far as his relationship with Chloe goes and she, as the ever-supportive partner, has even given up her job to help him settle into his new-found role.

With Lucifer, though, good things don’t last very long. This time, it’s an angel with murderous metal-tipped wings that’s set on killing him. Who is this celestial being, though, that no one else knew about? No spoilers here, so you will have to watch the show to find out.

In terms of the plot, Season 6 does not attempt to shake things up too much, but what it does present is a narrative that doesn’t only center on its two main characters – Lucifer and Chloe. Knowing that there’s no coming back after this is probably why all loose ends are tied up and the character arcs of everyone on the show are rounded off nicely, be it Amenadiel (Woodside), Espinoza (Alejandro), Ella (Garcia), Maze (Ann-Brandt), etc.

In doing so, though, the makers attempt to be as politically correct as possible with not-so-subtle threads about gender equality, toxic masculinity, women’s empowerment, racism and Black Lives Matter. To top it, after five seasons of Lucifer and his unresolved daddy issues, a new character picks up this trail, all of which, put together begins to get a tad tedious and you just wish for the story to come to its rational conclusion. But what is Lucifer without a bit of singing and the customary shot of Ellis’ nice and naked butt? That is also thrown in for good measure, well, maybe not much of the latter.

Suffice to say, the show gives pretty much everyone a happy ending, including the Devil himself, as he finally finds his true calling!

Verdict: Lucifer was never a show about great plots, but more about the characters, their personal turmoils, bonds, etc. Season 6 is a reaffirmation of why most of us invested almost five years in following their trajectories and leaves you satisfied.

Where to watch: All 10 episodes of Lucifer Season 6 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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