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Money Honey Director's Cut review: A better execution than the original series but still not enough to keep you thoroughly gripped

Hoichoi original series Money Honey released in 2019.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 14, 2021
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Money Honey | Director's Cut.


Shahriyar, played by Shamol Mawla, is introduced as a smart character. Soon, he leads a team in a heist. Money Honey revolves around how he more or less gets away each time after conducting the big heist of Rs. 21 crores.


Money Honey Director's Cut is nothing but a refined version of the Hoichoi series all have already seen. Directors Krishnendu Chattopadhyay and Tanim Noor have done a remarkable job with the creative bit of the newly released series. However, they lack in the aspect of keeping the viewers thoroughly gripped and taking them by surprise. Of course, even this series has a few moments but like mentioned, they are lesser.

The first scene begins in the exact same manner as the original series did. There is honestly literally nothing new in the Director's Cut, for the first two episodes at least.

The truck scene, which is one of the most important scenes in the series has changed. The change is reflected from episode 3. Along with the truck scene, the focus is on the bank manager whose money has been stolen.

Amitav, too, isn't in as much a frustrated mood as the original. He is shown as calm and composed which makes much more sense for the graph of his character.

The truck and police scene is cut in a way to create suspense, something that was missing from the original show. We are then taken to the simultaneous story of the cops investigating the case. Back to the truck scene, we are shown how the driver is more and more demanding just because he can be.

The story continues exactly like the series. However, it gets pretty interesting from time-to-time despite being lengthy.

The camera angles work well in this part of the series too. Mama's last scene is shown by moving the camera around mysteriously outside his room.

How the trio become real criminals is explored in the series. The last scene has been edited out differently so the focus is on Shahriyar rather than the cops. Here, the cops are in as much action as the trio led by Shahriyar. Of course, the open ending is retained, for that raised the curiousness of the viewers since Money Honey released.


If you have seen Money Honey, do not waste your time behind Director's Cut because even though they have their moments, it is few. However, if you haven't seen Money Honey itself, go ahead and watch the Director's Cut because it is better than the original series nonetheless.

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