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Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji review: A movie with cringe content in the name of realism

Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji is nothing but copied and sterotypical content which is nothing but offensive to all your senses.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.38 PM, Jan 24, 2022

Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji review: A movie with cringe content in the name of realism
Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji.


Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji explores the world of criminals and the corrupt law system. It talks about drug and human trafficking through a gang that controls it all.


Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji is one of the most famous dishes of the city. However, the movie is a complete contrast of that. It more than does not stand up to the popularity of the dish.

The film begins in the streets of Colaba and Bandra, which essentially make for the elite crowd of Mumbai. Interestingly though, the film deals with the criminal world. It starts off with a Gully Boy feel and before you know it, the film turns into cringe content.

The fast-forward scenes and mechanical dialogues are a little too much to accept. In the face of trying to keep the project realistic and yet dramatic, Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji shows content that cannot grasp your interest. While not being realistic in acting or the way it is shot, the movie mainly focuses on cringe content like how women's helplessness is used by men time-and-again.

The story is nothing new. There is a man who dreams of becoming Mumbai's don who has all the fame and money. He even has the stereotypical look as Dawood Ibrahim which is nothing new or surprising.

Another stereotypical shot is an intense scene filmed in Mahalaxmi and Dhobi Ghat. There is a scene across Gateway of India too, which is again associated with Mumbai. Both the scenes are just an extra in the film, which barely add to the story.

The romantic angle in the film also appears mostly forced. Them talking about marriage instantly is very unnatural and cringey once again. The cheesy lines make the relationship OTT. To add to it, the male character is named Prem, the stereotypical Bollywood name.

The way women are constantly disgraced in the film makes the film so 2000s. Even back in that time, women took power in their control and thus, Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji is offensive and that's to say the least.

While the music of the film enhances a scene, the scene in itself is not powerful enough. The pav bhaji reference is also overdone in the movie.

The face-off between the criminals is the final nail in the coffin. It is the common man-woman argument and the woman has a foreign accent which just doesn't work for the environment.

The movie tries to make up for everything with its climax scene but fails miserably even then, mainly because nobody can sit through the end. The hookline, song and plot all are a copy which just makes you want to stay further from the movie.


Save your life by not watching this film. While the actors try hard to show their skills in the film, they were probably told not to act. The concept is not new which is forgiveable but what one cannot let go of are the cringe moments the movie is full of. Thus, stay at an arm's length from this Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji.