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Peter Pan And Wendy review: Where Disney magic meets Bollywood action

There are three main characters in the film and they all work their magic beautifully.

Peter Pan And Wendy review: Where Disney magic meets Bollywood action
Peter Pan and Wendy
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.38 PM, Apr 28, 2023

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Wendy leads a boring life, unwilling to grow up. That is till she meets Peter Pan, discovers Netherland and learns his story. Things change drastically for her and Peter since.


Peter Pan And Wendy is a typical Disney film. You get to understand that from the first frame of the movie itself. Peter Pan is introduced as a kid with his family, a complicated one. Wendy is a part of the fam, at least eventually. She is as passionate as Peter Pan, if not more.

The magic begins almost instantly, again, a la Disney. It isn’t the best thing to happen to the film but somehow, does work.

There’s a new take on fairies through this movie. Neverland is once again the place you will want to go to, thanks to the description this film gives you. There’s a beautiful moment. A pet flies and understands what it’s like to dream.

Mermaids, fairies and magical moments come alive in Peter Pan And Wendy. The visuals around them all and how the scenes are captured is pure Disney magic.

Of course, if there’s good, there’s also evil. And thus, we are introduced to pirates.

Alexander Molony as Peter Pan is an unusual choice but he does fare well. His action scenes are flawless. His heroic entry on Hooks’ ship is definitely out of a book in Bollywood films.


Ever Gabo Anderson is the perfect choice to play the fierce Wendy. As a young woman from British, she definitely leaves an impression. She is the real magic, even if Tinker Bell is the one bestowed with magic.

Yara Shahidi works her magic as Tinker Bell. Even in briefer roles, she is funny and makes you believe in magic.

Jude Law is impressive as Captain Hook instantly. He has nothing but rage and that shows from the first scene. His story is definitely the one that touches you.

Alyssa Wapanatahk as Tiger Lily is a pleasant surprise, even in briefer roles (in comparison to other characters). She is close to Wendy when it comes to showing women power.

Within half an hour, you see a story of good vs bad. Even if it isn’t the best on storyline, the message is loud and clear.

As the story progresses though, it makes you believe in magic at all times. Whether tough times or just a normal day, it all works out and works well.

Peter Pan has a story that he hides. It is related to a family he never had. Of course, there’s also a history between him and Hooks that you know is coming.

At one point, you feel like the story ends even before it begins. Of course, you know it isn’t the end. It just gives you another side to the story.

The cinematography comes to light mainly with the ship scene. Right from the switch in camera angles to capturing characters against the scenic beauty, everything about the scene works.

The end of the film is almost perfect. Hooks and Peter leave you with a memory till the very end. This time, Wendy adds to it. The story leaves you intrigued and thanks to the actors, you feel the almost-last scene too.

The last scene, of course, is all about the magic, belief and everything in between. It is about two of the main characters in the film.


The David Lowery directorial film is a perfect balance between Disney magic and shattering stereotypes. Our hero – Peter Pan – is unlike the fairytales. He’s not a fair American/English man. This one does flawless action and sometimes, over-the-top, Bollywood style. He is one of the good things in the film.

All actors actually play their part well, even in smaller roles. That makes Peter Pan and Wendy a great watch. Do go for it, especially if you are an optimist and believe in magic (which you probably do if you are a Disney fan).