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Potluck review: This Jatin Sial, Cyrus Sahukar, Shikha Talsania starrer sails through lukewarm water

Even though the series begins on a lighter note, it takes an insanely dramatic turn.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 10, 2021
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The Shastri family comes together every week for a Potluck with the parents. The older son Vikrant Shastri (Cyrus Sahukar) has a family with three kids while the younger son Dhruv Shashtri (Harman Singha) is the kid in his relationship with his wife Nidhi (Saloni Khanna). On the other hand, Prerna Shastri (Shikha Talsania) has to deal with staying with her family while she is a struggling writer and a bachelor in her 30s.


Potluck, released on SonyLiv, is a show that takes you on a roller-coaster ride. It has the highest highs and the lowest lows. However, overall, the series sails through lukewarm waters. It gives you certain highs in the beginning but ends up being melodramatic towards the end.

The series begins with a classy looking English tea, held in the garden. We are introduced to the Shastri family in the first frame and for some reason, their acting appears forced.

The whole family is searching for 'khushi' while making serious faces. The makers did a good job at the poker face comedy, especially with 'Vikrant' Cyrus Sahukar and 'Dhruv' Harman Singha at the centre of the scene.

The first episode introduces every character and their difficult life with and around their family. As the chaos wraps you around, the show also makes you pretty nostalgic and builds up an emotional premise.

The episode has punches in the right place. In fact, it is so effortless that you wouldn't even expect the moment. On the other hand, the emotions - joy, sadness and the rest develop so beautifully that the actors are barely required to put too much into their scenes. PS: Do not miss the bonus scene towards the end.

The theme continues with the second episode. Potluck is among those slice-of-life family dramas where the younger son is richer than the older son thanks. The youngest daughter, on the other hand, is a bachelor. All of them are stuck with a typical mother, who worries too much about things and takes control whenever possible.

A new character is introduced with the episode but he is no magic either. For a show like Potluck, the script is actually the star of the show, much more than the actors. We also meet 'Indian Fawad Khan' Siddhant Karnick, who comes as a refreshing change in the role of Aalim.

The series talks about raising kids while keeping your sanity. 'Akansha' Ira Dubey is at the centre of that. She goes through a beautiful scene with one of her kids. It is that scene which marks her highest point on the show.

'Prerna' Shikha Talsania also ends up speaking in Marathi which comes as a pleasant surprise to not only the character with her but also the viewers.

'Pramila' Kitu Gidwani as the mother is perfect. Her expressions and sassy dialogues make her personality whole. She hits you when you least expect it, which is how a typical Indian parent is perceived.


The third episode focuses on a special occasion. As seen in the trailer, Jatin Sial, in the role of Govind Shastri, is the highlight of this particular episode, right after Pramila.

The fourth episode turns a tad bit dramatic. The episode runs high on emotions more than the quirks. Being a mid one, this episode ends at a cliffhanger that will force you to watch the next ones.

The fifth episode sees so many hilarious twists that it will make your tummy hurt. If not fun, then there are emotional twists that will melt your heart.

Director Rajshree Ojha has taken special care of background, camera panning and lighting as per the scene's requirement.

The sixth episode is a mix of ups and downs. It has some highest moments and a few low moments too. However, in the end, it is all about togetherness.

The seventh episode heads towards the insanely dramatic finale. Cyrus leads the scene but it is the music that enhances this scene more than his acting.

The eighth episode is constantly intense. There is a heavy air throughout the episode, till the very end.


The show's 20-second clips towards the end are worth so much more than even the episodes at times. That is the case with the eighth episode too.

Potluck also hints at a second season. The story ends at a cliffhanger for most of the characters, which is expected to be covered with the next season.

As the show comes to an end, you would realize that the theme song "It's All Good" is likely to stay with you as much as an "All Iz Well".


Potluck was built on safe ground. It has poker face punches but was equally melodramatic. We never get to laugh our tummies out but happen to smile through the series. If the makers are up to risque it up through out-and-out comedy, Potluck could be a lot more fun in the sequel.

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