Qismat 2 movie review: Effortless with comedy, forced with drama
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Critics Review
Qismat 2 movie review: Effortless with comedy, forced with drama

Although Qismat 2 connects on a deep level, it then does something overly dramatic to ruin the scene and feeling of the moment.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 23, 2021
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Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in Qismat 2.


Banni and Shivjeet are back. This time, they are college buddies who fall in love. However, the two have to part ways and Banni gets married. Will Shivjeet be able to win Bani back?


Qismat 2 is a movie that has taken inspiration from its original film but added some Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Kumar's flavours in it. In other words, the movie has gone overboard when it comes to romance and tragedy. Well, it has gone overboard with comedy at some places too but that aspect of the movie is more flawless than the drama or romance bit of it.

The movie begins with hilarious moments. The fun environment continues right up to the interval, making Qismat 2 a fun watch. The background music in this film also enhances the scene rather than creating a disturbance.

Ammy Virk as the jealous boyfriend looks adorable. Similarly, Sargun looks quite scary for Ammy as his jealous lover, although it is hilarious for anyone seeing it.

His dressing style - half pant, half shorts - is a trendsetter. On the other hand, Sargun, in western dresses, is quite a sight for sore eyes.

While Sargun looks like a college student, Ammy has to try a little harder, given the maturity reflecting on his face. Their signature hug is a flashback to the move invented by Rahul and Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This establishes that Shivjeet and Banni are quite close. Although every Qismat fan knows exactly that the two are the only people in the room who can read each other's minds without uttering a word.

Absurdly, Shive and his colleagues turn into a police officer in the classroom. He dreams of becoming so after realizing Banni's father is an SP.

The essence of Qismat is intact. Right from planting bushes to taking bike rides, Shivjeet and Banni relive their most memorable moments from the original film.

Despite that, unlike the original film, the songs this time do not go in with the flow of the story. However, it doesn’t mean they aren't entertaining.

The film uses too many references of Discovery channel but they are important for the story. Even though this makes up for almost the whole first half, it all of a sudden completely disappears in the second half of the film.

Since it is a college setup, the boys hostel plays an important role. A bold personality like Bani joins them and ends up teaching everyone a lesson, just as expected from her.

The scene where Shivjeet and Banni realise they have to go their separate ways, is quite a powerful one. The film takes a dramatic turn right before the interval, which makes the watch a bit boring.

The movie stands up to the hype, more or less, especially in the first two hours. For the kind of film it is, Ammy and Sargun do a fair job in the acting department.

Ammy's mirror scene, especially, tests his acting skills to a whole new level. He shows three different emotions with near-brilliance. Unfortunately, Sargun's smiling-crying scene was not a surprise since it had already made its way to the trailer. Nonetheless, she also performed well in that scene, even though it wasn't close to what Ammy did with the mirror.

The second half begins in the most absurd and rushed manner. Suddenly, Ammy is seen in a hospital where his junior, a practicing doctor, has a crush on him. In the very next scene, he leaves for London. The scenes are unrelated and don't make sense with the story that was developing in the first half of Qismat 2. They were so strikingly different that it felt like we were watching Qismat 3 after the interval.

Tania as a doctor manages to steal the spotlight from Sargun at times too. Mandeep Singh, who plays the role of Banni's husband Kabil Singh, has a cameo appearance and every time he appears, the actor smiles and looks pretty. Thus, it would be unfair to judge him based on just two-three scenes in the film.

While we still deal with the absurdness of it all, the makers fill in some aww moments. Ammy talking to two sheeps is one of the most adorable scenes of the film. However, the hilarious part is that the sheeps were busy trying to mate. It helps drastically to make the environment light-hearted.

The film, like its last instalment, promotes stalking. This time, Shive takes it a step further by talking about Banni's late husband, Kabil. Further, he tells Banni that he would wait for her, while she was grieving for Kabil.

While the picturesque is beautiful (considering it is shot in Punjab and London) and the camera angles are near perfect, the plot is very disturbing. Not only did Shive stalk Banni to London but he didn't allow her to grieve and took the opportunity to confess his feelings for her once again.

The film also adapts a crucial scene from Kal Ho Naa Ho. However, it fails to leave a similar impact. Furthermore, Shive tries out the SRK pose in a romantic scene. As expected, he fails miserably even there, even though the scene is quite cute.

Shive's OTT romance is adorable but uncalled for in the situation of the film. The drama in this flick is also extreme. The story of Qismat 2 becomes too adorable but it is at the cost of a lot of drama and stalking.

But the film takes an unexpected turn. There is a dual surprise for the viewers at the end but a forced scene soon after just takes the impact down many notches.


The makers portray comedy and heartwarming scenes effortlessly. However, they have put in a lot of effort in stalking, OTT romance and the never-ending drama. When put together, even a good product ends up ruined. Thus, if you are a fan of Qismat, do watch Qismat 2 but do not keep your hopes too high. The others could simply go back and watch Qismat since that was a good product packaged in a better way.

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