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Sambhlo Chho season 3 review: Nisarg Trivedi and Hiranya Zinzuwadia save the show

Nisarg Trivedi and Hiranya Zinzuwadia are the only two actors who make Sambhlo Chho season 3 a worthy watch.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 31, 2021
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Nisarg Trivedi in Sambhlo Chho Season 3.


Sambhlo Chho season 3 continues the concept of the show - reciting poems of renowned Gujarati artists. The season narrates the stories penned by Yashwant Mehta played by Nisarg Trivedi who also hosts the show. Hiranya Zinzuwadia, Mantra Padya, Nishma Soni and Jaanushi Oza play various characters throughout the series.


Sambhlo Chho season 3 might not have created as much buzz as the first two seasons but the show is definitely worthy of a watch. The trailer of the series raised expectations and the show more or less manages to meet them.

The series begins with Nisarg as the host. He promises something interesting. The lighting around him also creates a sense of mystery, which is perfect for what is coming.

The setup for the upcoming episodes is not something that the makers focused on, rightly so. Since the focus is on child artists, having a similar or different background does not impact the plot much.

The children do not make a first good impression. However, it gets better with time. Nisarg shines in his performance through all the episodes.

Sambhlo Chho Season 3.

Hiranya Zinzuwadia as the mouse in the first episode is adorable. His expressions add to his performance and the actor sure fits the role like a hand-in-a-glove.

Mantra Pandya does a fairly good job as well as a monkey in the second episode. He is well-backed by Nishma Soni and Jaanushi Oza as bunny and fox.

The third episode Jago and Bhago brings back Mantra and Hiranya. It is the most boring and repetitive episode of the series. Mantra, however, does as much a fair job as possible in that. Using sound effects, that too of nature (birds chirping and water flowing) in the episode was a smart move.

The fourth episode Kaluji is an interesting one. It is from a crow's perspective. Kaluji observes Pappu from his home to school life. The episode only features Nisarg for the most part, but it doesn't bore you in any way. The actor starts crooning in the middle of the episode, which comes as a pleasant surprise for the viewers. The story takes a twist that you didn't see coming.

Het Shah as Kaluji does not have much of a role and in the one scene that he appears, the actor barely manages to leave an impact.

The fifth and final episode, which should have been interesting, is rather one of the most disappointing ones. Even the cute Hiranya could not save the episode. Nisarg does a good job but it is not enough to take the episode to a whole new level.

Thus, while Sambhlo Chho season 3 began on a good note, it ended on a rather boring note. The series, overall, is interesting. It is safe to say that it can be enjoyed more than the second season and a little less than the first one.


Watch Sambhlo Chho season 3 if you have been a fan of the concept and the show. Nisarg does a fine job as the host, who takes on the role of poet Yashwant Mehta. Hiranya Zinzuwadia and Mantra Pandya are also two child artists you would want to look forward to, not just because they look cute but can act well with their eyes and facial movements.

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