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Snoop Dogg’s F*ckn Around Comedy Special review: This latest Netflix standup special is strictly for leisurely viewing

Snoop Dogg turns host to an eclectic set of comedians for this new special part of the Netflix is a Joke festival

  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 10.16 AM, Jun 20, 2022

Snoop Dogg’s F*ckn Around Comedy Special review: This latest Netflix standup special is strictly for leisurely viewing


Snoop Dogg, rapper, media personality, and a congenial provocateur, makes his Netflix return with a standup special. Meant for a pure leisure view, as the title suggests, Snoop hosts the show in his quintessential manner, treats his audience to some of his best hits, and plays host to a set of enterprising standup comedians. The styles range from observational to gender and politics with some of the material not deemed suitable for children. 


Snoop Dogg’s known to be a man of the town whose professional career is best termed as “eclectic”. A veteran of the show business world, the rapper-songwriter continues to be prolific with as many as nineteen studio albums and numerous music collaborations to his name. And simultaneously his career as the main-draw media personality too continues to thrive which puts him in the context of comedians, actors, sports, and the whole range. His latest endeavor, should you call it, is the Netflix standup comedy special (part of the Netflix is a Joke tour) titled Snoop Dogg’s F*ckn Around Comedy Special – as the title suggests, Snoop means business but most perhaps on his own leisurely terms.

In simple terms, this comes as a no-nonsense special running up to 1 hour and 7 minutes and promising comedy, music, and bling in one single breath. The vibe is kept old-school with the crowd, already revved up and ready, willing to soak in the humor that’s best termed “borderline” and throwing both caution and political correctness to the wind. Snoop Dogg isn’t essentially the man of the hour but is being a generous host to an array of standup gigs comprising African-American comedians like Katt Williams, DeRay Davis, Melanie Comarcho, Guy Torry, Donnell Rawlings, and Mike Epps (in this exact order).  

The special’s main highlight, keeping the lineup in mind, is the variety of perspectives, comedic styles, and topics (although the infamous Chris Rock-Will Smith “slap gate” becomes a recurrence) and to their credit, the makers keep the energy up throughout. From DeRay Davis and Melanie Comarcho’s takes on the opposite gender and promiscuity to Katt Williams and Donnell Rawlings’ inimitable styles, this special has got some interesting content spread out. As an ancillary offer, each comedian recounts a vivid Snoop Dogg story as the host offers them some “high” end hospitality after their gig. 


Snoop Dogg’s F*ckn Around Comedy Special isn’t your most high-brow comedy hour but the show isn’t pretending to be one either. The attempt is sincere to simply hang out and share a few laughs and the special is successful to the most extent. Sure, you might want the tone and subject matter to change over the course but considering the length of each act, which ranges from 10 to 15 minutes, you could expect the next one to mix things up a little. Watch the show either in parts or as a whole but the operative word remains “leisure” - and maybe keep the kids away!