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Stories On The Next Page review: A heartwarming anthology on lasting bonds, tough conversations and closure

Directed by Brinda Mitra, the anthology film showcases how certain difficult conversations have the power to overturn peoples’ lives.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 01.13 PM, May 06, 2022

Stories On The Next Page review: A heartwarming anthology on lasting bonds, tough conversations and closure


Stories on the Next Page consists of three distinct stories, revolving around people whose lives take a turn as a result of honest conversations. Siblings whose mother let out a shocking secret on her deathbed, a confrontation between two college mates years later, and a son who convinces his mother to give love a second chance- these are the stories Brinda Mitra’s anthology explores. But the real question is, do the conversations change their lives for the better or for the worse?


The silver screen has witnessed its fair share of well made anthologies of late, and Stories on the Next Page does seem to find a place among them, as far as its heartfelt story is concerned.

Brinda Mitra’s debut directorial certainly does not shy away from addressing themes that are poignant and hard hitting. The three stories, titled Balloo and Mowgli, Reunion, and Sunshower, deal with different stories of different people. But the recurring elements among them include tough conversations, and how the characters struggle to find closure as they try to move on from the things that haunt them.

In the first story, two siblings have their whole world pulled from under them when their mother leaves them with a shocking secret. In the second, a young man returns to his old college to confront a person who leaves him irreparably scarred mentally. In the third, a widowed mother decides to give love a second chance, at the encouragement of her son. In stories as distinct as these, it is a hard task to find a connection, especially one as affecting as closure. And that is where the brilliance of the writers and director comes in. Mitra hit it out of the park when it comes to the stories she chose to convey these difficult themes.The writing weaves these themes into the simple narratives beautifully, and the results are stories that strike a chord with you. Even if the situation does not call for relatability, the emotions certainly would. The short stories also manage to hold your interest with the unexpected turns they take, which take viewers by surprise.

Renuka Shahane, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Bhupendra Jadawat and Abhishek Bannerjee in particular, are to be appreciated for their efforts in trying to flesh out their characters. Their emotive portrayals manage to capture the essence of the characters for the most part, even with their limited screen time. But, although emotive, the performances of many of the cast do seem to lack consistency at times. In pursuit of the emotions, some even tend to fall dangerously close to exaggerated performances too.


Stories on the Next Page certainly does a beautiful job at weaving in themes of closure and the importance of honest conversations, into its three simple short stories. Although the performances of the cast do fall short at times, the characters and stories are well written enough to more than make up for them.

Stories On The Next Page is available to stream on Disney+Hotstar.

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