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This is Us Season 6 Episode 14 review: What a predictable end to Kevin Pearson’s love life arc

Anyone who didn’t think it would be Sophie hasn’t been following the show well enough

  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 09.31 AM, Apr 27, 2022

This is Us Season 6 Episode 14 review: What a predictable end to Kevin Pearson’s love life arc
Kevin and Sophie were always meant to be together

Story: Last week, on the day of Kate’s wedding, Madison and Beth stumble upon what appears to be a love note written on a paper towel and a bra in Kevin’s room, which had them ‘investigating leads’ about the possible mystery lady in his life – it was going to be Sophie, Cassidy or the wedding singer, Arielle. And this week, we get to find out the circumstances under which those items end up in Kevin’s room.

Review: Let’s get to the point straight away; if there’s anyone who didn’t think Kevin and Sophie would get their happily ever-after, well, you haven’t been paying attention to this show. Those two shared a special kind of love, always carrying a torch for the other – they just found each other too soon; way before either of them could become the best versions of themselves. It took them a while – a good 20 years - to realize that there was no escaping each other – especially since both are now single and available.

It’s interesting, though, how the showrunners decided that Rebecca’s Alzheimer progression has her slip between thinking of Kevin and Sophie as the 20-something year old married couple and him as Jack. So, when she runs into a pensive Sophie, Rebecca tells her that her ‘idiot’ son will someday grow up to be the man they know he can be. Well, he has grown up and is now just right for Sophie.

Well, so, there was nothing between Kevin and Cassidy either – they both know they are not meant to be anything more than friends, and best friends at that. The note on Kevin’s table, as it turns out, is from Arielle, who, by her own admission, observes people and uses those observations to write song lyrics. And the words on that note are about Kevin.

Now that we know what the future holds for the Big Three, and with only four episodes remaining in this Final Chapter of This is Us, the focus will now be on Miguel – Jack Pearson’s best friend, who becomes Rebecca’s life partner later on. In the future sequences of Rebecca on her death bed, everyone but Miguel has been accounted for and we still don’t know if he makes it or not. At Kate’s wedding, Randall found out that Miguel has his own share of age-related health issues. Next week, we’ll see more of how Rebecca and Miguel went from being besties to partners.

Verdict: Well, this episode was a wee bit predictable; over the last six seasons, we have time and again been reminded of the strong bond Kevin and Sophie shared and how he’s always pined for her. So, it was not in the least surprising that they’d find each other again, even with the red herring thrown in about the wedding singer, or Cassidy wanting Kevin to unzip her dress.