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Wife Bau Cute Hoye Jya Sudhie Mute Hoye review: Nimesh Shah's play is entertaining and heartwarming

This play is far from what the title suggests.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.49 PM, Jun 14, 2022

Wife Bau Cute Hoye Jya Sudhie Mute Hoye review: Nimesh Shah's play is entertaining and heartwarming
Wife Bau Cute Hoye Jya Sudhie Mute Hoye.


A family struggles to keep things from falling apart. That is when a cook named Dayabhai (Nimesh Shah) enters their lives and mysteriously solves all the matters. His identity is unveiled at the very last minute and the viewers are up for a surprise.


"If you trust someone blindly, that is fine. However, do not go completely blind while trying to trust someone," Dayabhai (Nimesh Shah) ends up telling Sanskruti (Mallika Shah). The irony with this dialogue is, he is the one trustworthy person who changes the life of the distorted family who are too rigid to see beyond their own selves.

Wife Bau Cute Hoye Jya Sudhie Mute Hoye, as the name suggests, is supposed to be pretty toxic. However, the play begins on an entertaining note and ends up being heartwarming.

The play will remind you of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi's Dance Pe Chance song. Not too long after that, the drama aspect comes back on the show.

Nimesh Shah make a high-energy entry into the play as Dayabhai. It is not one that snaps you out of sleep but is still pretty good. His graph continues throughout the play and is pretty intriguing, actually.

Mallika Shah is impressive as a woman who knows what she wants. However, of course, she is stereotyped in the role too. Nonetheless, she wins your heart with her sweet nature.

Samir Rajda as Bapuji is hilarious. He is tone-deaf and so, his jokes are more or less on point. However, he also has some toxic points like congratulating a dead person so he doesn't have to deal with his wife.

Neha Udani in the role of Ritika is a bully no woman would wish to come across but always do. She has two moods - angry and bully - and both lead to drama. Thankfully, that drama doesn't overpower the message of the play, which is good enough.

A big mystery is unveiled as the play comes to an end. This one is pretty good to watch and isn't something you would expect to see.


The title, Wife Bau Cute Hoye Jya Sudhi Mute Hoye, is pretty misleading with the play. This one is a drama you will want to watch because it is miles away from toxicity. It is entertaining and heartwarming at the same time, which is a rare combo. This play is not one of the great ones but the very fact that it managed to achieve such a feat is pretty great. Do watch this one.