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Lock Upp Exclusive! Ali Mercchant: Want to prove my craft rather than waste time on people who are not important at all

Ali Mercchant was faced with his ex-wife Sara Khan on Lock Upp and it is a chapter they closed 12 years back.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.00 PM, May 02, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Ali Mercchant: Want to prove my craft rather than waste time on people who are not important at all
Ali Mercchant (Instagram).

Actor-DJ Ali Mercchant was recently evicted from Lock Upp. He was once again faced with his past when he entered Kangana Ranaut’s show and met his ex-wife Sara Khan. While things appeared to go downhill for him, Ali almost made it to the show’s semi-finale and after 12 years, he is back with work. The actor talks to OTTplay about life in Lock Upp and how the show changed his life in real. Excerpts…

I remember that when you entered Lock Upp, I had also told you things will be tough since Sara didn't want anything to do with you. Somehow, you stayed above it and tried to be amicable and somewhere, people did like that. Wouldn't you agree? What have you come to know after getting out of Lock Upp?

I got to know how the viewers love and appreciate me. Even the kaidis gave me so much love. When I entered, nobody wanted to see me in the jail. I felt very alone because I was the first wild card and there were many groups when I entered. I could sense being all alone and I needed a genuine friend but since it is a game, it is also tough to trust others. However, as things progressed, people saw me as very genuine so they appreciated me for who I am - respecting others and not abusing them for his (my) own benefit. I don't stoop to the level others do because it could either be their game strategy or how they are in real life. I didn't choose that path because it isn't me.

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Your note said ‘main khatron ka saamna kar sakta hoon’. Is this your way of hinting that you are going to Khatron Ke Khiladi?

Inshallah, if it does happen, I would love to do it.

For weeks, Kangana was constantly questioning your game because you are not the ideal definition of badass. At the same time, she also praised your game and how you saved yourself for nearly two weeks. What did you think at that given point?

When you go to reality shows, homework and preparation is very important. My preparation was related to the tag that was stuck to me - people judging me and not giving me good work for no fault of mine. My point was to get this across that I am sorted, a good person and don't think ill about others. It doesn't take time to point fingers at someone and once you do, others get an opportunity to talk about that person. It was a big thing for me. I have kept the past where it belongs and moved on in life. That was the major though. Definitely, I feel like if I get such a reality show later in life, I want to learn 20-30 dishes. The gas stove will be my DJ console. That is my thought. My preparation was low given that but all the messages I am receiving are positive and they found my eviction a little unfair too. I'm very happy with no complaints at all. All I wanted, Kangana, Ekta, Balaji, MX gave me. So, yeah.

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Ali was a part of Team Green and he was also seen bonding with Team Munawar. So, who really were your pals in the jail?

Me, Munawar and Zeeshan. Even Prince became my good friend in the house.

Zeeshan also told me that you guys are catching up. Is the plan still on?

Yeah yeah. I met Zeeshan already. I called him and met the same night for half an hour. We met the next day and on Eid.

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You said that you feel that you redeemed yourself. Did the industry people see you that way?

Yeah yeah, 100%. They are making the shows for the audiences, right? If they have accepted it, who can say anything? I'm very happy that they also feel the same. If there are so many stories but only mine is in the focus, that is very annoying. Everybody accepted that. I have a web series up for release, two scripts in hand and talking for two more shows. I'm super excited to sign something good and start my next project.

Now that you are out, tell me what is the update on your web series Libaas? When is it releasing?

They were waiting, actually, for me to come out of Lock Upp. They wanted to release it after the finale i.e. on May 8. I spoke to them two days back. They said they are fixing the date. The dates will be finalized in two days.

How has life changed for you?

My philosophy of being grounded, loving, genuine, nice and not putting someone else down - all of this has come back to me so positively that I really can't put it in words. I have made such amazing friends. Back then also I had such friends but they started picking sides. They came back when I started DJing. People are giving me more love since I am coming back in the industry. I'm just taking it as it comes and not taking it to my head but I'm back with work because that's what I really want to do. I want to prove myself with my talent, art and craft rather than waste time on things and people who are not at all important.

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