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Lock Upp day 65 Judgement Day with Kangana Ranaut written update: No evictions, all kaidis in finale week

Poonam Pandey, Azma Fallah, Saisha Shinde, Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora were in the bottom this week.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.53 PM, May 02, 2022

Lock Upp day 65 Judgement Day with Kangana Ranaut written update: No evictions, all kaidis in finale week
Lock Upp - Kangana Ranaut.

As soon as Kangana Ranaut comes to Lock Upp's Judgement Day on day 65, she talks about fingers being pointed at her kaidis. Poonam Pandey and Anjali Arora are in the bottom two.

Umar Riaz and Zareen Khan meet the kaidis. Zareen says that Shivam Sharma reminds her of someone special in her life. The kaidis also get sheer korma.

The new task, Hasee Toh Phasee, is here. Shivam manages to make Saisha Shinde laugh by going shirtless. Meanwhile, Munawar Faruqui gives up on Payal Rohatgi and says he will forget smiling if he stays for a minute more. Prince Narula makes Poonam laugh almost instantly. Later, Umar romances Azma Fallah and Shivam romances Zareen. The two men do SRK's signature pose for that.

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Kangana finally meets the kaidis. Zareen and Umar feel that Munawar win will the show.

Soon, Kangana reveals six kaidis will be evicted and only two finalists will remain. When Shivam says he is safe, Kangana says she can take away his warrant, which stresses him out. Almost instantly, Kangana reveals that there will be two finalists on the next Judgement Day (finale week).

All kaidis feel Azma is safe, which she is. She is in the finale week. Saisha and Payal get an opportunity to share their secrets.

Payal talks about her love angle on a reality show and how she became a negative character and someone who can be taken for granted. She spoke about being an alcoholic and suicidal and going to rehab and having a nervous breakdown. She reveals not having a friend since Sangram Singh came into her life. She doesn't like the tag of vamp and villain. Kangana says she appreciates people like her and the show is about celebrating individuality.

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Saisha talks about her senior fashion designer and how he called her (then him) to his hotel room. She spoke about dating him and that person doing so with 7-8 people already. She hopes to inspire others with her story. Kangana says that is how the industry is and reveals that she joined the industry and met some girls who tries to be actresses who disappeared but Kangana stayed back.

As Kangana leaves them alone, Poonam cries. She tells Payal and Azma about staying alone and being scared about what will she do. Saisha then tells Prince and others that Poonam hasn't smoked despite her situation.

Payal is safe since she performed better than Saisha in the game. She is in the finale week. Thanks to that, Saisha, Poonam and Anjali are unsafe. Munawar had said that he will evict them. Kangana then saves Anjali.

Anjali reveals her secret about suicide. She spoke about bunking tuition in 11th class. Anjali reveals her brother, who is protective about her, got to know she was smoking with some friends and slapped her in front of them. She did not want her father to know but he did come to know and beat her too. Anjali was locked in the house after the incident. She drank phenyl because of that. Kangana stops her and narrates her incident about her cousins deciding what she wears and they would wait for girls outside colleges.

Saisha and Poonam are in the bottom two. Kangana pulls their leg for playing for others. They both are given an opportunity to prove themselves. They are unsafe and will play a dangal to know what their future in Lock Upp will be. Kangana promises a Lock Upp get together during Dhaakad screener.

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Saisha and Poonam call Anjali saanp. Anjali calls Poonam akkal ka dushman. Munawar calls Payal kutte ki doom and naak mein dum. Prince calls Azma naak mein dum. Shivam calls Payal kutte ki doom. Payal gives the tag to Munawar. Azma gives Prince akkal ka dushman. Payal and Anjali have the most keechad. Munawar and Prince rub their keechad on Shivam, who cries and screams. Soon, all the kaidis play with keechad too.

Payal talks to Prince about MunJali and Anjali lying that she didn't talk about Payal's wedding not happening. Munawar says Payal can be a good lawyer. Saisha says she's perfect for debate. Shivam says she has lost her mentality. All of them discuss her fake crying. Later, Payal confronts Anjali, who denies everything.