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Lock Upp day 64 Judgement Day with Kangana Ranaut written update: Anjali accuses Payal of trying to start an affair with KV

Payal Rohatgi also spoke at length about her big secret.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.04 PM, May 02, 2022

Lock Upp day 64 Judgement Day with Kangana Ranaut written update: Anjali accuses Payal of trying to start an affair with KV
Lock Upp - Payal Rohatgi, Anjali Arora.

Day 64 Judgement Day in Lock Upp begins with Kangana Ranaut talking about the family members locking Anjali Arora in. Payal Rohatgi talks to Anjali about Prince Narula's 'ehsaan faramosh' statement. Payal gets upset since Prince calls her a loser. Meanwhile, Prince talks to Munawar Faruqui about further stating 'ehsaan faramosh' in front of Payal. She comes to argue with him again. Shivam Sharma joins in Prince in calling Payal 'ehsaan faramosh' and she calls Shivam 'chhapri chamche.'

Prince further says he wanted to help Payal shine in the task and so, let Anjali go. She says she didn't need his help. Shivam drags Sangram Singh again and she scolds him for 'personal attack'. She then talks about jailor Karan Kundrra calling her most misunderstood kaidi.

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Payal and Anjali have a verbal argument after the latter asks the former to talk. The two bring their secret in the middle. Prince drags Sangram too and Payal drags Yuvika Chaudhary too. Munawar tells the cameras that both the women are wrong.

Anjali says Payal was ready to have an affair with KV. Obviously, Payal retorts back. Soon, their verbal turns to physical violence. Payal reveals she can't be a mother. Poonam Pandey stops her and asks her to not bring that topic. Shivam loses his calm and breaks a glass since Payal gave 'baddua' that they would die.

Kangana then talks to Munawar and Saisha about the task that made the comedian a finalist. She talks to Munawar about his sipper, that made him emotional.

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The actress talks to Saisha about moving on from Munawar to Chirag. She then talks to Prince about his banter with Munawar. The two boys go shirtless and do photoshoots that way. Shivam joins in. He starts dancing instead.

Kangana says she loved meeting Shivam's father and Azma Fallah's mother through Lock Upp. She says she will offer Azma's mother Lock Upp season 2.

The host then teases Anjali with her boyfriend Akash. She then says that she will put Sangram in real Lock Upp if he doesn't marry Payal this time. Payal says she wants to go to Kashmir for her honeymoon. Munawar jokes he will come for Payal's wedding from her side because he can't go opposite her anymore. Azma does jooti chupai and Prince says he won't let anyone do it.

Kangana praises Azma for being the breadwinner of her house. She then talks to Payal about her secret. The host talks about her sister being a mother figure in her life and disappearing when she became a mother to her kid.

Payal talks about her parents being separated and her focusing on her career. She talks about freezing eggs and losing out on that opportunity. She then claims that Azma is like her kid. Payal talks about the importance of freezing eggs and Kangana refutes the point.

Payal argues with Prince again. Kangana then tells Payal that Munawar instigated her and she did show her insecurity.

The host praises Prince and tells Shivam her has become overconfident. She reminds him that she can take away his finale ticket any time she wants.

Payal then makes a truce with Shivam while Munawar and Prince think she is brainwashing him.

Prince defends his game isn't predictable. He confirms Munawar is his friend but that isn't how he plays the game.

Anjali says she has a soft corner for Munawar but she hasn't come so far because of the comedian.

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Payal defends herself when she is accused of fighting with people to be seen as the lone warrior. She argues that Prince talks about his power.

Saisha says that she wants to show the reality and thus, she can't plan if she wants to be affectionate with Munawar or not. Payal argues saying that she doesn't need anyone, not even Prince. She doesn't even let Azma speak. After Azma does talk, they talk about Prince and other kaidis' 'chaatna'.

Shivam talks about Kaaranvir Bohra's eviction and calls Payal and her tears 'fake'. He feels Munawar will become runner-up. The actor regrets saving Payal from the chargesheet and as expected, she retorts back.

Munawar hits at Payal when she talks about him being lazy. He wants Shivam's innocence.

Payal says she gets inspired by Azma's provocation. Soon, Munawar says Prince will not win the show but he would save Prince nonetheless.

Kangana talks about a twist - the media having power to throw two kaidis from chargesheet in the bottom two.

MunJali topic is here. While Munawar says he never felt anything for Anjali, she says that she maintained her distance from him because she did.

The media picks Anjali and Poonam for bottom two. They cannot be saved. Kangana promises something unexpected will happen on Sunday and asks everyone to wait and watch.