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Temptation Island India: Nikita Bhamidipati feels her relationship with Tayne De Villiers is 'perfect' but... | Exclusive

Nikita Bhamidipati has participated in Temptation Island India with her boyfriend Tayne De Villiers. Here's what she thinks about their relationship.

Temptation Island India: Nikita Bhamidipati feels her relationship with Tayne De Villiers is 'perfect' but... | Exclusive

Tayne De Villiers with Nikita Bhamidipati. (Image source: Instagarm/ Nikita Bhamidipati)

Last Updated: 04.48 PM, Nov 05, 2023


Splitsvilla 13 fame Nikita Bhamidipati is currently seen on Temptation Island India. She has participated on the show with her boyfriend Tayne De Villiers. The reality show personality has been dating him for only a few months now. However, Nikita exclusively told OTTplay that she feels it is the 'most perfect' relationship she has been in. 

Having said that, Bhamidipati decided to put her relationship with Tayne to the test on Temptation Island India. Nikita did it because she wanted to have a better understanding in the initial phase of their relationship.

Nikita Bhamidipati on relationship with Tayne De Villiers

In an exclusive interview with OTTplay, Nikita said, "I just knew for a fact that this is like the most perfect relationship I've been in. It is very new and it has only been like a few months. But I felt that it is best to figure out if this relationship is meant like for the long run and if I can put my relationship through a test like this and see if it is truly worth it."

She further mentioned, "If something goes wrong three years later, then you will be like 'f**k, I didn't know'. If you figure out things now, you will just know stuff better. I am glad that I can do this with him. I honestly hope it goes well."

Tayne De Villiers wants to prove THIS to Nikita

Moving on, Tayne De Villiers revealed one thing he wants to prove to his ladylove through Temptation Island India


"Self-growth is a very important thing to me. I am trying to explore myself and I enjoy meeting new people. There are going to be a lot of trust issues on this show. I would like to prove to Nikita that there will be growth in our relationship," said Tayne.

About Temptation Island India

Hosted by Mouni Roy and Karan Kundrra, Temptation Island India premiered on November 3. It streams on JioCinema every day at 8pm. Other couples on this dating reality show are Nishank Swami and Chetna Pande, Nidhi Kumar and Mohak and Arjun Aneja and Cheshta Bhagat.

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