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Anupamaa 3rd June 2023 Update: Barkhaa BRAINWASHES Dimpy against Baa and others in Shah House

Will Dimpy get brainwashed against her would-be-in-laws is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 3rd June 2023 Update: Barkhaa BRAINWASHES Dimpy against Baa and others in Shah House
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 04.22 AM, Jun 03, 2023


The day starts off with the wedding day preparations of Samar and Dimpy. Just as when they are about to leave, Anupamaa gives the badge of ‘Dulhewaale’ to everyone. In the same rhythm, Baa gives everyone silver rings, because she did not have the budget to get everyone gold rings. At the same time, Anupamaa feels extremely sad and nervous with the very thought of going (back) to Kapadia House. Seeing her in this situation, Babuji comes to her and says that he is aware about her feelings about stepping back into the Kapadia house.

Meanwhile, just as Dimpy is getting ready for the marriage, Barkhaa comes to her and brainwashes her totally against the Shah family and its members. After having brainwashed Dimpy, the latter gets a shock of her life seeing Anuj at the door. But, realising that Anuj did not hear any of their brainwashing conversation, both Dimpy and Barkhaa heave a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Anuj in all sincerity, comes and gives a bracelet to Dimpy stating that, had it been for her parents who would have been there during her marriage, they too, would have gifted the same. Seeing this, Dimpy becomes extremely emotional towards Anuj as a parent. While leaving the room, Anuj, in his poetic style, tells Dimpy NOT to fight with anyone at the Shah House and that she should keep everyone happy there.

Around the same time, when Vanraj takes out money from the cupboard for his son Samar’s marriage, there enters Kaavya, who, very concernedly, asks about his happiness and well-being. That’s when, Kaavya also gives a cryptic clue about her pregnancy. And when Vanraj asks her about the reason for her cryptic clue, Kaavya tells him that she doesn’t need any kind of support or help from him as a father of the child, as she is singly capable enough to take care of the child. She also adds that nobody knows about her pregnancy… except for Anupamaa. At the same time, Kaavya also thanks Vanraj for her child, who has, now, given her reasons to live life with a smile.

SPOILER ALERT: As part of wedding celebrations, Anupamaa and all others reach the Kapadia House. No sooner than she is about to take her first step inside the Kapadia House, she recalls her first step as a bride during her marriage with Anuj Kapadia.