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Anupamaa 2nd June 2023 Update: Samar all set for his marriage with Dimpy, BUT… is EVERYTHING really ok?

Will the good news about the baby change the love equation between Vanraj and Kaavya is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 2nd June 2023 Update: Samar all set for his marriage with Dimpy, BUT… is EVERYTHING really ok?
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Last Updated: 07.17 AM, Jun 02, 2023


AND… Samar and Dimpy’s much awaited wedding day is finally here. The day starts off with a brother-to-brother conversation between Anuj and Ankush. Anuj tells Ankush that he is extremely happy because he feels so relieved because of the fact that he has told everything to Anupamaa. Hearing this, Ankush tells Anuj that he really needs to care for his happiness also. And, eventually, he lands up asking Anuj about the ‘status’ of ‘Maan’s love story. To which, Anuj tells Ankush that, not every letter garners a reply and not every love story has a happy ending. He also adds that this is how he is consoling himself and his emotions. Meanwhile, Anupamaa messages her Gurumaa (Guru Mata Malti Devi) inviting her for the marriage of Samar and Dimpy.

Then, comes Vanraj carrying the ‘dulhe raaja’ Samar on his shoulders. He blesses Samar by saying that, may he always remain happy in his life and always have his mother’s (Anupamaa’s) blessings on him. He also added that, let him NOT become like him (Vanraj). Turn by turn, Samar seeks everyone’s blessings, including Babuji, Baa. Kaavya, Toshu, Kaavya, Vanraj’s sister, Anupamaa’s mother, Anupamaa’s brother Bhavesh and others. Amidst all this, Baa tells that, everyone is missing Sweety.

This is followed by Anupamaa readying Samar to be the dulhe-raaja. She blesses him by saying that he needs to take care of himself and take care of his duties as a husband. She also adds that he needs to understand that no one in the world is perfect and that’s why, hence, he should not expect his wife Dimpy to be perfect at all. She also adds that, just like he cannot mould himself like his wife, the reverse also holds true. She also advises him to maintain a balance in his life.

SPOILER ALERT: Anupamaa makes special customised ‘dulhewaala’ badges for everyone from Samar’s side. The upcoming episode will also see Kaavya telling the good news to Vanraj that, while she will be a mother soon, he is going to be a father.

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