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AR Rahman shares heartwarming video amid The Kerala Story protests

Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman has tweeted in support of communal harmony amid ongoing protests against the release of The Kerala Story. 

AR Rahman shares heartwarming video amid The Kerala Story protests
AR Rahman

Last Updated: 02.30 PM, May 05, 2023


Amid the ongoing protests against the release of the upcoming Hindi movie The Kerala Story , Oscar-winning AR Rahman has reacted to a heartwarming news story that emerged from the state of Kerala. The video shows a couple getting married inside a mosque following Hindu rituals. According to the report, the mosque committee bore the entire cost of the wedding and provided the bride with gifts worth lakhs of rupees. 

The wedding took place in January 2020 and it has resurfaced when there is a growing agitation against director Sudipto Sen's The Kerala Story, which is accused of spreading unsubstantiated claims against the state, which is celebrated as God's own country. 

The video with the caption "Here is another #KeralaStory" was re-shared to show the healthy state of communal harmony in Kerala in light of the allegations made by the movie. The news report has since gone viral and it even caught the attention of Rahman. 

Rahman reacted to the video by emphasising that the main purpose of love is to heal. "Bravo love for humanity has to be unconditional and healing," he tweeted, further amplifying the video. His tweet is seen as a veiled opposition to the claims made against the state of Kerala in the controversial movie "The Kerala Story."

Earlier, the movie claimed to tell the "gut-wrenching stories of 32,000 females in Kerala," but following widespread protests and demands for proof, the filmmakers tweaked the movie's description to "a compilation of true stories of three young girls from different parts of Kerala."

The protests against the movie's release are not just limited to Kerala, but Tamil Nadu is also seeing widespread agitation against the film. The movie's special screening happened for a select group of audiences in Kochi on Tuesday, and it is due to hit cinemas on May 5.

The Kerala Story stars Adah Sharma, Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani. 

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