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Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 7, 2023 Highlights: Jad Hadid BREAKS down inconsolably, Falaq Naaz calms him down

Will Bigg Boss listen to Jad’s request of leaving the show mid-way is what remains to be seen

Bigg Boss OTT 2 July 7, 2023 Highlights: Jad Hadid BREAKS down inconsolably, Falaq Naaz calms him down
Pooja Bhatt, Jad Hadid and Falaq Naaz who calms down Jad

Last Updated: 07.55 AM, Jul 08, 2023


The day started off with the film Gadars hit track ‘Main nikla gaddi leke’ as the wake-up anthem for the contestants. The song is welcomed by the contestants with dance, fun and frolic. This is followed by Bebika taking a dip in the swimming pool, only to be appreciated by Pooja Bhatt. Jad Hadid then tells Manisha Kumari that Pooja Bhatt is not talking to him. That’s why Manisha tells him to ignore those who do not care for him. On the other hand, Avinash and Falaq have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other.

Bigg Boss then calls everyone to the living room and tells all the contestants to rank each other on a scale on 1 to 10. Rank 1 being the most prominent one and rank 10 being the least prominent one and that their ranking should be at par with that of the audiences.

While Abhishek says that he deserves number 1, Falaq tells that it is her who deserves to be number 1 because she is extremely opinionated. Hearing this, Abhishek immediately objects to her statement. Then, comes Bebika who says that she deserves to be number 1, because she is brutally honest and real. This is followed by Manisha who also stakes her claim to the number 1 position. Cyrus, on his part, says that he deserves to be at number 9, because of his active participation in complaints and nothing else.

Avinash, on his part, said that, he deserves to be number 2, because he lacks in a few places. Meanwhile, Jad Hadid, says that he deserves to be at number 3, because he was trying his best to understand everyone and tells everyone to let the bygones be bygones. Jiya Sharma also says that she deserves to be number 3 because of the roller coaster ride that she has been through so far. Pooja Bhatt, on her part, said that, she does not want to rank herself, but she leaves it to others to rank her.

Thereafter starts a verbal hiccup between Pooja Bhatt and Jad Hadid. After everything, Jad loses his cool over Pooja Bhatt’s behaviour when he expressed his mind before everyone. He tells everyone to leave him alone. He then, packs his bags and tells Bigg Boss to help him get out of the house. 

Avinash and Cyrus tell Pooja not to taunt Jad Hadid for the past incidents. This leads to a verbal altercation between Bebika, Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Kumari, Jiya Sharma, Cyrus Broacha and Abhishek. After all this, Jad Hadid breaks down uncontrollably. After a detailed discussion, it is Falaq who manages to calm him down. This is followed by Jad Hadid hugging Avinash and crying on his shoulders for giving him a patient listening. Seeing this, even Avinash becomes emotional.

After this, while Jiya Sharma tells Jad Hadid that she will be hereon calling him a ‘puppy’, Pooja Bhatt tells Bebika that hereon, she will maintain a safe distance from everyone.

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