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Bigg Boss OTT September 10 2021: Bigg Boss cancels Ticket To Finale task thanks to Pratik Sehajpal

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat had a major fight in the house, once again.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 10, 2021
cover image

Pratik Sehajpal on Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 33 of Bigg Boss OTT began with the contestants grooving to Tunak Tunak Tun. Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal were seen getting cozy.

The contestants wait for the ticket to finale task to resume. Meanwhile, Shamita Shetty loses her calm when she hears the alarm clock, indicating that someone is sleeping in the middle of the day. Raqesh Bapat is the one sleeping. Shamita and Raqesh hug it out after their major fights since a few days.

Divya Agarwal tells Nishant Bhat that she is now in a ninja mode for the task. She says she'll play as offence than defense. Nishant agrees that it is a good strategy. Divya announces that the task has been resumed.

She and Neha go first, followed by Raqesh and Pratik. Nishant and Muskaan Jattana are moderators of the task. Divya fights with Neha and wins the round after emptying the singer's jar.

Neha discusses the task with Shamita and tells her that she would have won in the second round if Divya didn't lock the jar. The singer says that she and Shamita are physically strong as compared to Divya. Meanwhile, the 'reality star' discusses the upcoming match between Raqesh and Pratik with Nishant, Moose and Shamita.

Shamita warns Raqesh that Pratik can get very physical. Pratik gets very anxious and waits for the doors to open before the task even resumes. The actor drops Raqesh's jar right after the buzzer goes off, leading to an argument. Moose decides Pratik is disqualified and thus, Raqesh wins the task without doing anything. Shamita and Raqesh give each other a hug after he wins the round. He also goes and gives Moose a hug.

On the other hand, Pratik tells Bigg Boss that he won't wear his mic, stating that the task was unfair. Raqesh laughs at Pratik for arguing and ends up calling him a kid from kindergarten.

The garden area was to be cleared for the next round but Pratik removed his mic and sat in the area despite getting a warning from Bigg Boss. The actor said one thing constantly - that he will go out happily if thrown out of the house because of this task.

Divya apologizes to Shamita for all the misunderstanding and they make up. Shamita then tries to talk to Pratik, who is still adamant on staying in the garden. Divya also comes to talk to him. She even asks him to take the score she won but he refuses to do so saying he wants to earn it. Nishant comes in between the conversation and Pratik still argues stating that he was right. Neha tells Raqesh and Shamita that she is bored, which is when Raqesh asks the singer to do something about it.

Seeing Pratik's adamant behaviour, Bigg Boss finally talks to the TV actor but only to compare him to a kid. BB also stopped the Ticket To Finale round thanks to Pratik. No contestant goes to the finale thanks to his behaviour.

Divya ends up crying and arguing with Pratik since she was closer to the Ticket To Finale. To that, Pratik said that the audiences will decide, which is when Shamita and Neha stopped him from speaking any further.

Raqesh, frustrated with Pratik, asks Nishant if he can beat up the actor. Shamita stops him saying Raqesh won't see her face if he beats up Pratik. The actor then says he will either beat up Pratik right after getting out of the show or outside the house, stating that the TV actor has tested his patience.

Nishant and Moose laugh stating that it is good luck for them since they didn't get an opportunity to perform in the task anyway. Divya discusses losing the opportunity with Raqesh, while Pratik and Neha discuss the actor's behaviour. After talking to Neha, Pratik actor apologizes to everyone for his behaviour. As he did that, Divya walked out of there.

When Divya questions Neha, the singer compares Pratik's behaviour with Zeeshan's, when the Qubool Hai actor was thrown out of the house. Divya tells Neha about how Pratik has tried to ruin her game since day 1.

Nishant discusses with Divya about how Pratik's dual side has come out in front of the audiences thanks to the task. Meanwhile, Shamita tells Pratik that he becomes a child, to which he still defends what he felt about the task. Neha also comes and talks to him. He thanks her for standing by him.

While still sitting next to Pratik, Neha tells Shamita that she needs to talk to Raqesh, stating that he forgets things and blames his friends.

Divya calls Raqesh Bapat on a mock stage to speak about Neha's 'bitchiest of the year' award. He says that she totally deserves the award, asking 'who let the dogs out'. Divya announces Pratik as 'fakest personality in the house'. Moose mimics Pratik while Nishant behaves like Neha. Divya gives Shamita 'most snobbish personality of the year' award. Nishant mimics her in a hilarious way.

Divya still discusses Pratik and his behaviour with Moose. The report card is here and the audiences are happy with the contestants. Nishant talks to Pratik about Moose. Neha comes in between and Pratik ends up arguing with her.

Divya tells Shamita and Raqesh about how she was in place of Neha for Pratik in their previous show (referring to Ace of Space). Shamita calls him sweet, to which Divya agrees but Raqesh calls him shameless.

Shamita and Divya try to sort out their differences. When the 'controlling' topic comes up, Shamita says that it was her love for Divya. The Mohabbatein famed actress also constantly poked Raqesh for leaving and then demanded he give her a hug. Of course, Raqesh readily agreed to that.

Shamita asks Raqesh if Divya has been disrespectful in a task and he agrees. The Tum Bin actor asks the two to not talk to each other if they aren't comfortable in one another's company, citing his example with Pratik. When Divya says she needs to be Shamita's friend because of the show, the latter says that she would rather not be friends with her.

Raqesh and Shamita have a major argument after Divya leaves. While Raqesh says he has understood that they aren't compatible and thus, he maintained his distance from the actress, she kept on arguing about looking a fool for trying to make things work between them.

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