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Bigg Boss OTT! Shamita Shetty to Raqesh Bapat: I'm not an idiot to kiss you on National TV

Raqesh Bapat cleared up that he had been maintaining distance from Shamita Shetty since two days to see her happy.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 10, 2021
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Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat on Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss has been quite the stage for drama, budding relationships and sometimes, heartbreaks. Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat seem to have crossed all the three stages the show puts you through.

In the latest episode (day 33), they were heard parting ways from one another. At least, Raqesh was clear that they had to because of their different worlds.

Although Raqesh is very clear about his relationship status with Shamita, she appeared to be in a denial mode and obviously, furious. The actress said that she 'looked like a fool' for trying to 'make things work' between them by discussing/arguing every night.

The situation arose after Divya Agarwal tried to mend her relations with Shamita on the show. Shamita, who was clearly very upset with Divya, said that she wasn't bossy and that was her love for the Cartel actress. Knowing that Shamita would drag Raqesh into the conversation, he tried to walk out of it. However, Shamita was quick to notice that and dragged him back in the conversation, this time getting him more involved in the matter.

Shamita asked Raqesh if Divya hasn't been rude to the actress during tasks. To that, Raqesh said that they both have been equally rude with each other. While Shamita did not react a lot to that instantly, she blasted Raqesh for not taking her side when Divya left the conversation.

She questioned Raqesh that would he have said the same thing if it was Pratik Sehajpal instead of Divya. When Raqesh tried to explain Shamita that they are both different in the sense that Divya is shameless in the task while Pratik is shameless overall, she did not buy the argument.

Instead, the matter blew up right into their faces. Shamita told Raqesh that he has taunted her taking Divya's name, to which the Tum Bin actor said that it is was all in fun. While Shamita refuted that, Raqesh pointed out that she had screamt at him four times on the show.

Shamita lost her calm again while asking Raqesh if he wants to 'make it work' (referring to their budding relationship). The actor said that they are at a stage where they understand each other which is when Shamita said that she's 'not an idiot to give people a kiss on the cheek on National TV'. The actress, clearly disappointed by this point, stated that it is not her as a person.

When Raqesh said that he maintained his distance from her because that made her happy, Shamita said that she looked like a fool on National TV. To that, Raqesh questioned, "So I'm feeling all elated, right?"

Shamita then discussed the topic with Neha and told the singer that Raqesh is not the man for her. As she was talking to Neha, the Tum Bin actor dropped in unannounced and asked her to chill out on the topic.

Will this mark an end for Shamita and Raqesh's jodi on Bigg Boss OTT and in real life? It definitely looks like Raqesh has made his decision. What will be Shamita's response to that? The viewers will get to know more about it as the show continues live and streams on Voot.

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