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Bodhon 2: The ‘first look’ of Sandipta Sen hints at an action-packed sequel

Directed by Aditi Roy, the second season will feature Koushik Roy and Indrasish Roy

Bodhon 2: The ‘first look’ of Sandipta Sen hints at an action-packed sequel
The first look of Sandipta Sen in Bodhon 2
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 07.07 PM, Aug 24, 2023


The second season of Bodhon is getting ready with Sandipta Sen as Raka Sen in the lead. This time, Ditipriya Roy will give it a miss and the series will present a different story that features Indrasish Roy. Koushik Roy will be there as Raka’s partner. 

OTTplay has the first look of the series and the photos hint at an action-packed sequel. Directed by Aditi Roy, the series is a continuance of Raka’s journey, but this time in her avatar as a female fighter. As per sources, the series will deal with social stigma related to the caste system. Like the first season, Bodhon 2 will also be released during Durga Puja celebration.

Indrasish Roy and Sandipta Sen
Indrasish Roy and Sandipta Sen

According to the makers, “Raka Sen will be the female fighter in this sequel, using weapons to bring justice and taking matters into her own hands. The awakening of Raka’s warrior side will be a perfect homage to Ma Durga this Puja Season.”   

Sandipta Sen
Sandipta Sen

Talking about her character, Sandipta said, “I’m filled with anticipation for the return of Raka Sen to the public eye, as she resumes her role as the voice of justice. Raka is a character who wears her heart on her sleeve and fearlessly speaks her mind, and this time, her actions carry even more weight. The filming process was notably more demanding this time, as Indrasish and I did all the action sequences, which required thorough physical preparation for the action-packed scenes. However, I firmly believe that taking on challenging roles leads to even more gratifying outcomes!” 

Terming it as a first-of-its-kind show’, director Aditi Roy said, “For the very first time, this season, we see female-centric action sequences and physical fights. Sandipta worked extra hard while filming these action sequences and gave it her all. The action, the location, the story, and the cast have all been crafted into one perfect concoction to keep the audience hooked to their screens.”