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Kangana Ranaut does it again! Compares Oppenheimer to 'typical Rishi/munis'; 'As a thinker your body starts to...'

 Kangana Ranaut is quite spiritual and has now likened American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s appearance to that of sages described in the scriptures. 

Kangana Ranaut does it again! Compares Oppenheimer to 'typical Rishi/munis'; 'As a thinker your body starts to...'
Kangana Ranaut

Last Updated: 06.14 PM, Feb 23, 2024


Kangana Ranaut's spiritual side is well known, perhaps as much as her acting. The Queen actress is also quite vocal, never one to shy away from expressing her opinions and observations. Not long ago, Kangana found an image of American physicist and father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, on Twitter and shared her thoughts about his appearance. Read on... 

Kangana Ranaut on Oppenheimer’s appearance 

In the picture, a slender Oppenheimer, almost as thin as a stick, is seen holding a smoking pipe, wearing shorts and his signature hat. Shared on the Twitter page Physics In History, the original post was captioned, “J. Robert Oppenheimer on a Virgin Island beach, dated unknown.” Sharing the post, Kangana wrote, "His body like typical Rishi / munis bodies description in our scriptures." 

Kangana thinks that Oppenheimer's interaction with the atomic and cosmic realms is what had made him so thin. She added, "It’s true as a thinker and an intellectual person your body start to shrink or be of very little importance to you, just like your food and worldly assets/social life… your mental absence in the physical world and your passionate engagement with other worlds ( in Oppenheimer case cosmic and atomic worlds) starts to reflect in your appearance."

What's Kangana Ranaut up to? 

Kangana's film Emergency, which she directed and in which she plays the part of former prime minister Indira Gandhi, is slated to be released on June 14. The movie was originally scheduled to hit theatres last year. 

On the other hand, her hit film, Queen, will soon celebrate 10 years since its release. The film's director, Vikas Bahl, recently disclosed that the script for the sequel is ready. 

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