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Kangana Ranaut criticises Twinkle Khanna’s views of feminism: calls her a ‘privileged brat’

Twinkle Khanna recently took to social media and had expressed her views on feminism by comparing men’s use to the use of a plastic bag 

Kangana Ranaut criticises Twinkle Khanna’s views of feminism: calls her a ‘privileged brat’
Kangana Ranaut-Twinkle Khanna

Last Updated: 10.42 PM, Feb 21, 2024


The actress turned author Twinkle Khanna, is well known for her witty comments on social media and interviews. Not to forget the tongue in cheek replies that she is equally famous for. This time round, the author compared the use of men to that of polythene bags which enraged actress Kangana Ranaut. In response to Twinkle Khanna’s comments, Kangana Ranaut has called her a privileged brat, questioning the former’s idea of feminism. 


Twinkle Khanna on feminism

Twinkle Khanna, had, once, in an interview with ‘Interview with Algebra Conversations’, shared her idea of feminism and how she was raised with a single mother. In the same interview, she had stated that in their house they never spoke about feminism or equality. 

She said, “But it was very clear that there was absolutely no need for a man. It would be very nice to have a man, like you would have a nice handbag. But even if you had a plastic bag it would do”. 

Besides this, she also had spoken about that she grew up with this mentality thinking that there was no use of men. 

Kangana Ranaut’s response to Twinkle Khanna’s comment

Criticising Twinkle for her comments, Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram stories and wrote, “What are these privileged brats who call their men polythene bags, are they trying to be cool? Nepo kids born with silver spoon, given film careers on golden platters, couldn't do justice to that for sure, least they could do find some joy and fulfilment in selflessness of motherhood that also seems like a curse in their case what exactly do they want to be? Vegetables? Is that feminism?” 

Twinkle Khanna, in an earlier interview to Tweak India, had explained and commented on her feminist journey by saying that she thought that men were weaker than women who die 10-15 years before women and that they lose their hair, start wrapping the four strands, round and round, on their heads. She also added that even though she was a flag bearer of equality, she clarified that equality meant double the work!

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