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Modern Love Mumbai: Hansal Mehta on the ‘awkward’ kiss between Pratik Gandhi and Ranveer Brar

Mehta had directed the episode titled Baai.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 07.58 AM, May 26, 2022

Modern Love Mumbai: Hansal Mehta on the ‘awkward’ kiss between Pratik Gandhi and Ranveer Brar

In his episode of Modern Love Mumbai Hansal Mehta chose to explore the turmoil of a young gay man faced with a difficult choice. The director’s episode, titled Baai, was singled out by many as one of the best parts of the anthology series. The director recently opened up about a particular scene from Baai, featuring Pratik Gandhi and Ranveer Brar, that caught viewers’ attention.

The episode included a scene where Brar and Gandhi’s character are seen sharing their first kiss, which some people seem to have dubbed as ‘awkward’. In conversation with Hindustan Times, Mehta revealed how that was exactly what he was going for in that particular scene. Saying that he did not intend to ‘titillate’ anyone with the scene, Mehta talked about how the character of Manzu(Gandhi), had suffered from years of repressing his identity. In such a situation, it would be unrealistic if he were to suddenly start kissing Brar’s character with panache all of a sudden.

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The filmmaker talked about how people had sent him messages saying how ‘awkward’ the duo seemed. To them, Mehta replies that he is glad that the awkwardness came out that way. Mehta talked about how it was not possible to have the ‘perfect kiss’ with someone you meet for the first time even if you are passionate about them and said that, in reality, it was a kind of progression. “That’s what we tried to show. I don’t know why people need it to be perfect,” he added.

Tanuja also essays a pivotal in the episode, which marked the acting debut of Brar.

Modern Love Mumbai is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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