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Nani on Dasara: I may sound overconfident but I can guarantee mass hysteria in theatres

The actor talks about Dasara, director Srikanth Odela and why it’s time for Telugu industry to make use of its nationwide popularity

Nani on Dasara: I may sound overconfident but I can guarantee mass hysteria in theatres
Nani on Dasara
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 06.28 AM, Mar 19, 2023

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Nani is hopping from one flight to the other, touring to various parts of the country, while spreading the word about his next film, Dasara, to release in five languages on March 30. He was back to Hyderabad for a press meet along with the cast and crew of the film on Saturday.


“We’re all so emotionally attached to Dasara and I’m sure audiences will say the same about the film, characters in theatres. Dasara has emotions that the entire country could resonate with, but it’s a film that Telangana audiences should celebrate - it is a beautiful showcase of culture, tradition and music. I may sound overconfident but I can guarantee mass hysteria in theatres,” he shared.

Responding to a question about the risks about making a pan-Indian film with a debutant, Nani said, “Before Pushpa released in theatres, director Sukumar was known to audiences in one language and not much in other parts of the country. In this case, it’s a director who’s relatively new and unknown in all five languages. Talent is talent, regardless of a young or an experienced director. Without fresh blood, Nani wouldn’t have debuted in 2008.”

Dasara is violent, rustic, massy and feel-good at the same time, he stated. “You’ll leave the theatres with a good feeling.When I’m confident about a film, I have no reason to be scared. I don’t worry about an image I need to maintain or sustain my stardom. I’ll try to be a part of good films and some may release in other languages/some won’t. You can give it the label (referring to pan-Indian films) you desire.”

Talking of his experiences of promoting Dasara in different parts of the country, he claimed, “It may be Youtube, OTT or other factors but I was surprised by the popularity of our films across different parts of the country. Audiences in Lucknow knew dialogues from my films. The entire country is looking upto Telugu cinema.The time is ripe to make good use of the popularity and reach out to a wider audience.”

Lavishing praise on his co-actors, the Jersey star opined, “Dheekshith (Shetty) may be known as a Kannada actor today but he’ll be identified as a Telugu actor post Dasara. He has performed so well in the film and he’ll be a busy actor soon. I and Keerthy exchanged long messages after the shoot, we’re all so attached to it.”